What way forward is Your Inner Compass Pointing to?

Get a Pendulum Dowsing Psychic Reading from Ann Gildart. They are so wonderful and helpful. They have the clarity of Yes/No answers or being given % of probability likelihood.

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Ann Gildart does wonderful pendulum dowsing answer your question sessions. The results of a Reading from Ann Gildart are so helpful and worth having and deep food for thought.

Ann Gildart writes: So many of my clients are contacting me and telling me how they have failed to find a job, failed to find a new place to live, or failed in their marriage or relationships, and so on and so on.

She writes: I am reminded of the following quote from Thomas Edison:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

This quote has caused a number of my clients to put their lives back into perspective. 

No one said we were going to have a life without setbacks or perceived failures.

No one said we were going to have a life without doses of frustration and challenges.

Sometimes we have to realize: “It’s just not meant to be the way we want it be.”

Changing one’s mindset, one’s goals, one’s timelines, one’s perceived outcomes, one’s expectations, energies and effort – all these changes are so necessary. All of us go through ‘death and rebirth’ times in our life.’

Hearing Ann Gildart telling you the results of her pendulum dowsing as you ask her your questions can so contribute to the outcome.

The guidance is ~ “Your inner compass knows the key to your true happiness.” ~

Let Ann Gildart delve deep and connect to your Inner Compass and tell you which way it is pointing now, in answer to your questions.

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