Ketu South Node Return in your life Be open to Fated Destined Insights and Healings

A person’s Ketu return is the moment when Ketu South Node in the Heavens returns to the point where Ketu South Node was I the Heavens at the moment you were born.

It happens every eighteen and a half years.

It brings into the forefront our consciousness the fate and destiny scripts that we came in with in this lifetime.

If we are off-course for our fate and destiny direction and our personal fulfillment, our life could well melt down because our life path up to now is the wrong one for us.

See the video:

Typically, the life-path that must melt down is the life path our parents or teachers or priests or society told us ‘This is who you are!’ ‘This is what your life path MUST be!’ ‘Your life will be easier if you dumbly accept the religious teachings.’ ‘Your life will be easier if you dumbly fit into the political rulings.’

And typically your life-path that must melt down will essentially be HEAVILY full of your past life scripts – the ones you got wrong or incomplete last time. The ones you MUST experience this time so as to heal the negative scripts and karmas from your past life. The ones you incarnated to heal and solve this time.

And typically we will be so VERY unaware of the true nature of all this – UNTIL we start to achieve some spiritual awareness of our scripts and of our karmically/egoically-defined personality that we start with in this life.

It can be so illuminating to look at what happened the previous times you experienced your Ketu Return (at eighteen and a half year intervals) – but note that each Ketu Return is a ratchet of spiritual twists turns and surprises, so: ALWAYS EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

This Ketu Return is my fourth (my fifth if you count the moment of birth, but let’s call it four). The first two were life meltdowns and rebirths. The third was marked by the demise of adoptive parent/sibling).

An Astrology reading from me can be so helpful in offering us a definition of our fated scripts, our past life scripts and our incarnational life purpose:

You really do need to be so open to the unexpected if you are really to identify your past life issues clearly.
An Astrology Reading can be so helpful

My wife Maggie Pashley also does past life related healings:

OK, I’ll just share with you, now, the wonderful unexpected I experienced by way of Past Life Readings and Healings that came into my life at the time of my present (my 5th) Ketu return – exact date March 13th!

In my previous three Ketu Returns I had not so fully disentangled myself from my difficult life start and so they were, typically, life-meltdowns and rebirths handled with a lot more unawareness and ignorance.

I have Ketu in Libra in 4th House which is the House of Mother issues, ancestry and family past life issues. Ketu conjunct Sun (I only met my father once). Also my mother was homeless and I was put in a Bon Seccours Convent Orphanage.

So I’ll now tell you as hopefully a helpful guide these TOTALLY UNEXPECTED and WONDERFUL insight and healing experiences I have at the recent time of my 5th Ketu Return:


Bringing Chiron and Lilith into Vedic Astrology:

With a colleague I started a huge project of fitting Lilith and Chiron within the interpretation framework of Vedic Astrology – and a whole sequence of totally unexpected utter wonders of astrological realizations came therefrom:

Chiron is your Existential Wound in the healing of which you can become the Healer of others.

Lilith is what’s crucially fated to be stuffed into your Dark Side, your Shadow side – including your needed connection with your Wild Self.

I’ll give you an example:

Now, the D2 Varga Chart (Divisional Chart) of Vedic Astrology has a system where ancestral wounds can be identified – and these surfaced at this time of my Ketu Return – and I got a lot of key Healing from this West-East Astrology based realization.

My Chiron and my Mars, my Lilith and my Chiron were all separate from my other planets: they were in the Pitris sign of the D2 chart: ancestral influences needing to be understood and healed.

All my other planets were in the other house in my D2.


Past Life Shamanic Journey:

I connected out of the blue with a wonderful young Healer, Jonathan Finn, from Galway near here, and he did a wonderful past life journey where I saw the nature of my natal Chiron conjunct Mars and how in my past lifetimes it had clicked into place. He also offers Hypnotherapy healings for example relating to managing and healing this.

The Healing Modalities that Jonathan offers include Clinical Hypnosis, Mindscaping and Past Life Regression, GHHT and 13th Octave LaHoChi.

Jonathan is joining my LoveStarDating Healers Team shortly: Watch this space!


Past Life Healing:

I had a session with Claire Louise Knifton, one of the Healers on the LoveStarDating.


She put pieces on a board: one to represent my power, one to represent me, one to represent the members of my birth and adoptive families.

She used her psychic power to interpret and heal.

Such realizations and healings came from this work, including my needed decision to draw a line under my toxic adoptive family.


I had guidance from, Anastasia Melidou, a brilliant young astrologer colleague in Crete with an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, who studied my Astrology Chart and interpreted psychically that the ancestors of my birth parents and my adoptive parents were angry at their treatment of me, and she did wonderful on-line journeys to connect me to my Guardian Angel and my strong earlier ancestors.

She also psychically interpreted that my birth mother’s love for my birth father is my Venus/Neptune Unaspected subpersonality in my birth chart.

Her work included Kundalini Healing and Wounded Warrior to Healing Warrior Chiron/Mars work, and more. When healed, Mars will heal Venus.

She too is joining my LoveStarDating Healers Team shortly: Watch this space!


A former shamanic Healer student of mine from the West Indies contacted me unexpectedly from out of the blue. She gave me a wonderful Inner Child Shamanic Healing, where the case of the ‘me aged 13 yrs arose’ – and wonderful healing and love was given. And she said she’d shortly give me some ‘in utero’ healing work that she ‘saw’ was needed: the situation of my homeless mother as I was in utero, and the effects of that one me.


A friend of ours totally unexpected volunteered to give me a particular healing where I ‘lost consciousness’ after about one minute, then arose at the end of the healing feeling so strong and purposeful and healed.


Totally unexpectedly, a Healer who lives near here, who I’d never contacted before, healed me of very long-standing bodily pains at this healing time of my Ketu Return. The pains suddenly got so bad, this healing was fixed up at the last minute: only the day before, and the healing effect was spectacular. The importance of managing my breath was seen to be key, so as to be in charge of the prioritization of my life. Melanie took me within less than a minute into a space of complete peace. Breathwork and posture is important. This is a time of key change – potential I must claim and adhere to.

7. Some tourists on one of my Sacred West of Ireland Tours turned up to go on my Oweynagat – Cave of The Morrigan Tour – the War Goddess of the Iron Age Irish. Medieval manuscripts reveal that this cave was used as a Warrior Initiation cave in the Iron Age. Young Irish Warriors would go in and spend overnight there. The manuscript reveals that some of them lost their minds from the experience, but others emerged as top warriors. When I took the people on the tour into the start of the cave main chamber I asked them (three times): ‘And what are the Fears that you carry that you must now share with The Morrigan. We then crossed deeper into the cave and visualized standing before The Morrigan and making promises to her. She is not to be forgotten or crossed. Read the story of Cú Chulainn!!!

And the point of my mentioning this is that one of the tourists, and American lawyer from Oregon, said that as I had spoken, she had seen one particular past life of mine that was not very nice to mention at all. It totally tied in with the other features of my past life destiny that I came to heal in this life time. She very kindly gave me a two hour healing ritual of the effects of that past life later in that day. I had never met her before. I was so lucky to receive the insight and get the Healing.

My point is: none of these healing and insight experiences were expected. I had mostly never met these people before who suddenly appeared in my life and offered me healing. I was blessed. I got do much Healing. It was needed. It was my Ketu Return.

I debated whether to share personal experiences of my Ketu Return unexpected Healings, but I decided that these were so healing and powerful it could assist readers to get out of the astrological formula and narrow definitions of astrology-related healings if I did.

I wish you all success with your Ketu return.

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Ketu South Node transit through Libra Understand the Important Meaning

OK, so now let’s turn to the key nature of the present transit of Ketu through the Vedic sign of Libra:

I want to highlight that this is a very good period for deepening our perception of the scripts, fates and destinies in our relationship.

This is because Ketu South Node is transiting through the Vedic sign of Libra, now, and this is an energy that affects each person in the world.

See the video:

And this is also because of course, Libra (sidereal Vedic zodiac) is the key sign of Relationship.

(We have to remember of course that Ketu’s energy will not only manifest in the area of relationship. It is important to know that a key facet of Ketu’s energy is to bring about surrender to Eternity and a key driving motivating facet of his energy that we will experience is ANXIETY).

But at this time, each of us are compelled to experience the cutting energy of Ketu in the area of relationships.

Each of us is given the chance to recognize the nature of our karmic issues in relationship.

Each of us is called to be alive and awake to insights and realizations.

 Each of us is called to bring healing to our relationship scripts.

This is why I created LoveStarDating at this time: my international website for those on a spiritual journey who are seeking love:

And please see my other recent post: Becoming a Power Couple in Relationship:

Basically this post is based on a story I read by a Story Teller who works in the West of England, Martin Shaw, his book Healing the Wild Twin, who likened to people in a relationship as two snakes next to each other, shedding dark skin after dark skin, shedding our dark relationship scripts one after the other, with loving sharing and agreement so as to be stripped of negative patterns and arise as a power couple. It’s good!

I heard about it at this time (coincidence?!?) from someone who turned up on one of my Druid Forest School Sacred West of Ireland Tours.

The power of coincidence!

And another part of the ‘coincidence’ was that the Tour included the beautiful spot where the River Unshin leaves Loch Arrow which Irish Legend sees as the place where the Morrigan and The Dagda (The War Goddess and The Good God) mated before the key Battle of Moytura against the forces of Darkness, reinforcing the Power Couple (?another coincidence?) – Their mating gave the Ancient Irish: Victory in the Battle that was due to start next morning and Sovereignty over the Land.

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