Why Love can be a Labour from Claire Louise Knifton

We all carry trauma in our family lines.

As a consequence of this, we can find ourselves repeating patterns in relationships and end up wondering why it never seems to work out for us?

When our souls incarnate, we pick up the ancestral trauma and we unconciously decide to carry


–  out of love for our lineage (we want to heal it for our ancestors).

–  and from our great need to belong.

Whilst this is very honourable it sadly doesn’t work.

We simply suffer under the entanglement (trauma)

And then – if we have children – we pass it on down the line, so our own descendants carry it just as we do/have.

But the good news with this is that there is a way of lifting the trauma!

There is a way of avoiding passing it on.

There is a way of releasing ourselves from the burden of suffering.

There is a way of aligning ourselves not only with happy, healthy, joyful relationships, but also enjoying those qualities throughout our life.

With individual and family soul healing work even one session is a wonderful investment in moving towards your goal of love and relationship.

It is said that one session of soul healing work is the equivalent of 2 years therapy.

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Claire Louise Knifton lives in the beautiful West of Ireland and works locally and worldwide online.

Clairvoyant from a young age, Claire specialises in clairvoyant readings, ancestral and family tree healing, spiritual and reiki healing, angel and psychic readings.

Claire offers you wonderful soul embodied movement and dance sessions face to face and worldwide on-line.