Rohini Nakshatra Love scripts in the Jungle Love series from Janell Renshaw

This post tells you about the 4th Nakshatra Rohini whose power animal is the male snake.

The Nakshatras are the supreme and wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology. Each Nakshatra states something supreme about our emotionally-based personality – and our Love Scripts!

And each Nakshatra has a power animal or yoni which so adds to our awareness of our personality and how we will relate to the other Nakshatras and their power animals!

If you have yet to read the introduction to the 27 Nakshatra Yoni’s, you can find it here

The male snake represents Rohini’s yoni.

Ruled by the Moon and Venus, love interests may change as often as snakes shed their skin.

It is not their fault. Most cannot resist their hypnotic gaze once they become fixed upon the object of their desire.

Rohini’s very materialistic and meticulous fashion sense makes them attractive and sharp dressers.

Even Soma, the Moon God, could not resist Rohini, as it was his favorite until all the other wives of the Moon God became jealous. Hence, Brahma created the waxing and waning moon cycles so that the Moon God spends equal time in all the Moon Mansions. (The 27 symbolic wives of the Moon reflect your differing moods and the ability to be involved with more than one state of mind).

Krishna had his Moon and Ascendent in Rohini and is remembered fondly by all the gopi girls, but his one true love was Radha.

Rohini Nakshatra people are passionate, sexually seductive, elegant, attractive, and charismatic. They have an alluring, wish-fulfilling, creative nature. They love children, art, music, luxury, prosperity, and abundance. Their fertile nature means they achieve their goals.

Yet with all their charm and creativity, they are very sensitive, jealous, and easily hurt.

They cover this up by being mysterious and changeable, pursuing possible multiple partners and material goals.

They are in search of the “one” who lives up to their ideals and expectations, which will elude them – until they realize perfection is an illusion.

Rohini is entirely in Taurus, with padas in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. Rohini natives will act differently in each pada, but they will all have the same underlying traits of charm, perfection, and mystery.

The added traits from each pada are as follows:

Aries pada will be impulsive and tangled in material pursuits.

Taurus pada will add stability, creativity, and a hopeless romantic.

Gemini pada will wax and wane in mind creating confusion on which direction or partner to pursue.

Cancer pada brings an elegant home to the point of overkill – and the most significant emotional sensitivity of the four padas.

If this is your yoni, release the idea of perfection. Yet in the same breath, stay out of relationships that undermine your value. Those relationships will bring out the worst in you, causing you to strike out like a venomous snake.

Choose partners that are as strong and charming as you are, but are more grounded so that you are comfortable and at ease in times of vulnerability.

While the animal yoni describes your sexual expression, this is only one part of the chart. The entire chart must be fully examined to get a complete relationship analysis.

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