Blossom into Your Full Potential by Ann Gildart Psychic Healer and Pendulum Dowser

Ann Gildart Blog Feb 17

Blossom into Your Full Potential by Ann Gildart Psychic Healer and Pendulum Dowser

Helping you find Love.

Spring is just round the corner.

Read what Ann Gildart has to say:

Trust in the Unfoldment of Your Life – not as in the poem of Beatriz Williams:

 How terrible a time is the beginning of March. 

 In a month that would be daffodils and the sudden blossoming of Orchards, but you wouldn’t know it now. 

You have to take spring on blind Faith.

               ~Beatriz Williams~

What a wonderful time it is now, instead, to look to the future and find out if a Reading with Michael Conneely and his brilliance as an Astrologer will herald that blossoming. Or a Reading with myself, Ann Gildart, or the other Healers on the LoveStarDating website.

We are each as unique as the blossoms on a flowering tree and each willing to share.

I myself have a diverse international clientele to which I bring clarity and healing for the heart and love issues.

I consider myself very blessed to have been taught to use ancient divination tools to heal losses or betrayals, and to give direction to all inquiries with accurate yes and no, and probability answers on your personal journey.

I am able to do this by connecting via my abilities to link with the higher sources of energy and vibration utilizing dowsing with a pendulum and charts.

My psychic gifts allow me to tap into my intuition to expand upon guidance being given from the spirit world and infinite source to assist you in your personal journey to seek your “Love Star.”

Go to my Healer page on LoveStarDating to contact me:

If you are on a spiritual pathway and seeking love, then join LoveStarDating. It’s free to join. It’s a new site starting with no members (rather than the many bogus members all other new sites start of with). So Register now and soon there will be thousands of members: all on spiritual pathways and seeking love.