Understanding the Astrology of the Moons of a Couple is Key and Vedic Astrology says far more than Western Astrology

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Understanding the nature of your Moon and your partner’s Moon, plus how they relate to each other, is key to understanding your Relationship.

The essence of my Readings and Teaching is that you do need BOTH Western and Vedic Astrology for adequate Astrological analysis and guidance.

You need both.

But Vedic Astrology says far more.

This video and blog post is all about a couple who actually have their Moons only one and a half degrees apart in the same sign.

So, Western Astrology says they are identical and that this is wonderful for their relationship.

But Vedic Astrology actually reveals that their Moons are a Universe apart, and this so needs to be understood: this man and woman are actually so different – they couldn’t be more different.

Now Western Astrology, which uses the Tropical Zodiac based on the position of the Sun at the day of the Vernal Equinox, being Sun based is all about our psychological self, including of course our Lilith Shadow side and our Chiron wounded side. It’s crucial to be aware of these.

Whereas Vedic Astrology, which uses the Sidereal Zodiac based on the position of a star (Spica) is oriented to the eternal and thus a statement of our fate and destiny path in this life – and the unfoldment of that. This post shows that lack of crossover to Vedic Astrology can make nonsense of Western Astrology statements – but BOTH are crucial. The two zodiacs are currently about 24 degrees apart.

You MUST have both the Western and the Vedic Chart for accurate declaration of the Crucial Relationship factors between The Moons of the Couple

But this post shows where the key declaration of a couple’s Western Synastry or Relationship Chart between their Moons actually COMPLETELY MISLEADS.

It totally and utterly misleads them about the nature of the relationship.

This is a serious issue and it utterly needs to be known about and be understood.

Let’s look at the Western Astrology Declaration first:

In the Western tropical zodiac:
The man’s Moon is at 23 deg 04 mins Aries.

The woman’s Moon is at 24 deg 39 mins Aries.

So their Moons are only a degree and a half apart!

It’s seen as a close strong positive conjunction in the western astrology framework!

But the Western declaration is totally misleading!

Before I go on to share the Vedic declaration of the Astrology of the Moons of this couple, let’s look in more detail at what Western Astrology says about the Moons of these two. Using the Western Tropical zodiac, it’s along the lines of the following:

The man’s Moon is Conjunct The woman’s Moon (Orb 1°34′)

The Moon is one of the key personal planets in relationship astrology. A positive combination of personal planets predicts well for intimate unions.

This is an ideal combination for a close personal love relationship.

When two people’s Moons are conjunct like this there is the empathy and understanding which is required for intimacy.

This man and this woman can relax knowing that they are compatible on an emotional level.

Instinctively they feel comfortable in each other’s company. They know how each other feels. They are willing to consider their loved one’s feelings along with their own. They enjoy spending time in each other’s company.

Intuitively they understand each other.

They both have the same manner of dealing with tensions and misunderstandings.

Simply being together comforts them.

This is a most rewarding personal relationship.

But the problem is that this Western declaration is actually: fundamentally inaccurate!

Their Moons are not a conjunction, as Vedic Astrology reveals, using the Sidereal Zodiac. Here is a brief resumé of the Vedic Insight wonders:

First of all, their Moons are actually in completely different signs in the Vedic Sidereal zodiac.  

Secondly, their Moons are in completely different Nakshatras (Lunar Signs)

Thirdly, their Moons have the utter vastness of the Gandanta between them.

As regards the signs this couple’s Moons fall in:
The man’s Moon is at 29 deg 56 Pisces – the final sign of the zodiac.

The woman’s Moon is at 1 deg 29 Aries – the first sign of the zodiac.

As regards the nakshatras this couple’s Moons fall in:

The man’s Moon is in the 27th Nakshatra Revati.

The woman’s Moon is in the 1st Nakshatra Ashwini.

And, thirdly, as I said, their Moons have the utter vastness of the Gandanta Zone lies between them.

More about the detail of these three vast declarations in a moment but I must say that the truth is that if you genuinely want to know about your relationship you HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THE VEDIC ASTROLOGY DECLARATION, AS WELL AS THE WESTERN.

This post focuses more on where Vedic Astrology declaration is supremely needed, but watch out for other posts of mine which will reveal that Western Astrology declaration is also absolutely needed too.

So, let’s now look at the interpretation of this couple’s Moons which is infinitely better described by Vedic Astrology. As you will see, this man and this woman are not at all the identikit described by Western Astrology!

But obviously, we are not just our Moon nature. We all have other parts to our psychological self that can be very different, and of course we have our unconscious and shadow personality/destiny dimensions too!!!

First of all the Vedic SIGNS in which their Moons fall:

The Man:

OK, here’s a tiny few facts about the man’s Moon-sign which is Vedic Pisces: The man’s Moon is at 29 deg 56 Pisces:
The symbol for Pisces is: Two fish, side by side, swimming in opposite directions, at its highest this person is attuned to the stream of consciousness flowing back and forth between heaven and earth. Pisces’ basic nature is:

Mystical, intuitive, inspiring, sympathetic, philosophi­cal, contemplative, wants a romantic or “heavenly” life, good at calm­ing people down and making them feel comfortable, unbounded gen­erosity, wanting to serve especially the under-dog. Pisceans are very attracted to the concepts of enlightenment and liberation.

They are very called to complete the current of karma that has been running in their incarnations.

Negatively, there’s complacency and the person feels a victim and at the mercy of life, rather than in the driver’s seat.

Positively this Pisces Moon man’s positive features are: he feels deeply and intuitively, is spiritual and humanitarian, empathetic, nice, unpretentious, loving, idealistic and romantic.

Negatively, they are too porous, self-doubting, subservient, dependent, gullible and unworldly about finances.

The Woman:

And here’s a tiny few facts about the woman’s Moon-sign of Aries: The woman’s Moon is at 1 deg 29 Aries:

At her best she will be: Self-assertive, full of initiative, pioneering, coura­geous, enterprising, ambitious, enthusiasm for life.

But unfavorably: Adversarial, aggressive; “me first” and “I want it now” attitude; tactless, selfish, impatient, uncooperative, jealous; will cheat to get results; the ends justify the means; intolerant, arrogant, reck­less, leaves tasks undone, seeks overly simplistic solutions.

So, positively, this Moon in Aries woman is positively, is spontaneous, fun-loving, decisive, impulsive.

And unfavorably, she is: unsettled, jumps in recklessly, gullible, poor at finishing things, bursts of anger. Aries females tend to be masculine and aggres­sive yet often seek out more docile men whom they can control.

Secondly, the Nakshatras (Vedic Lunar Signs) in which this couple’s Moons fall:


See my Revati video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GKNAtxC-cc

Here are a few tiny facts about Revati Nakshatra:

Spans:                          16°40′ to 30°00′ Pisces (Meena)

Padas:                          Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Ruler planet:               Mercury

Devata:                        Pushan

Yoni/Power Animal:    Female Elephant – Nurturing. Understanding, immobility.

Motivation:                 Moksha – spiritual liberation

Guna Triplicity:                        Sattva, Sattva, Sattva – totally Sattvic/spiritual!

Ayurvedic Dosha:        Kapha

Sex:                              Female

Gana:                           Divine

Caste:                          Shudra. Servant. Service orientated!

Quality:                       Soft

Mystics with a belief in the goodness of humanity. It all depends on their level of consciousness, and whether they can find the energy, will and potential for growth. At higher levels of consciousness, they will be: compassionate and forgiving. Devoted to good. Often needs to live by water. Dedicated to giving nourishment and fertility. Empathic. Sweet, sensitive and caring, responsible and orientated to friendship. absorption issues. Totally flexible to the point of self-loss. Codependent. Problems with boundaries and psychic protection. Needs seclusion to protect themselves from the harsh realities of life and other people.

Revatis are meant for worlds greater and more special and more beautiful than this world!

Visionary and beyond the consciousness-level of their society. They have tomorrow’s skills for today’s work. Revatis protect the soul in its spiritual journey through this life towards death and rebirth. Revati is the final phase in a cycle of rebirths. There is a great need to find one’s true path.


See my Ashwini video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSK64B0gFk0

Spans: 0°00′ to 13°20′ Aries

Ruler planet:               Ketu South Node

Padas:                          Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer

Devata:                        The Ashwini Kumara – The Healer Twins, The Divine Physicians

Power Animal:                        Stallions streaking across the Skies of Dawn

Motivation:                 Dharma

Guna Triplicity:                        Rajas, Rajas, Rajas

Ayurvedic Dosha:        Vata
Gender                         Male

Pioneers, innovators and explorers, heroic, courageous, restless, impatient, zest for life. Strong desire to be of service. Energetic, magnetic and attractive, and are quick in speech and actions. spiritual tendencies. zeal and zest. Trailblazers. They can perform healing miracles.

Inconsiderate and irresponsible.

The key theme is to learn to be the Horse Tamer.

They have a danger of rushing into relationships that could destroy them, and to which their family may will be opposed, and can only be lucky to escape these relationships later.

The are prone to injuries through rushing about, especially ankles.

Childish and irresponsible.

The Gandanta Zones:

Now let’s look at the fourth component that makes nonsense of the Western Astrology declaration for the Moon’s of this Couple:

Here I offer you the SUPREME and VAST DECLARATION that can only be found within Vedic Astrology: the utterly crucial need to understand the three GANDANTA ZONES for needed full and accurate Relationship Analysis, if you or your partner have a planet in one of these three crucial-to-know zones.

The three Gandanta zones are at the end of a Vedic Water sign and the start of a Vedic Fire sign. So they are: Pisces-Aries, Cancer-Leo and Scorpio-Sagittarius.

In practical terms, you have a planet with Gandanta qualities if it is in the last two degrees of a Water sign of the first two degrees of a Fire sign. And the nearer the planet is to the zero point between the two signs, the vaster is the Gandanta quality that takes over your planet.

Essentially, Gandanta zones are where this world becomes experienced a immaterial by the person. That is NOT to say this world isn’t important. It is. We incarnate here in this world for special tasks: to burn our negative karmas from past lives, to maximize our uncompleted positive karmas from past lives, to grow spiritually.

In Vedic Astrology, this world is called Maha Maya = the Great Illusion. But this does NOT mean that this world is unreal or unimportant. It is. We incarnate here to do our karmic work.

But if you have a planet in the Gandanta zone, you will experience the unreality of this world. This is because the true reality is what Hinduism calls the God Realm, what Buddhism calls Nirvana. That is beyond this realm. It is the true reality. The Vedic expressions of Gandanta reality are Lord Vishnu dreaming universes in and out of being, Lord Shiva dancing universes in and out fo being. This universe being the playing of lord Krishna’s flute, the Death and rebirth nature of Kali, the destruction and rebirth nature of Niritti.

Both the man and the woman in this case study have their Moon in a Gandanta Zone. But the Man’s is at the final dissolution of the worldly, the end of Water, falling into the Void. And the woman’s is springing up out of the Void: the first flicker of fire.

Watch out for my future posts where I will present so many more dimensions of the relationship astrologies of Western Astrology and Vedic astrology.

These include the great value of bringing Chiron and Lilith analysis into Vedic astrology – a unique and vast project of mine, the use of subpersonalities and ‘nature versus nurture’ in Western Astrology, such crucial wonderful Vedic Astrology features such as our Atmakaraka, or soul indicator, our Dara Karaka = equals the sort of person we need in love, the Varga Charts (Divisional charts derived from the Vedic birth chart) = supreme declaration of a particular area of our life, including gender issues, relationship issues, our ideal ashram and much much more. The Dashas = the wonderful predictive periods of Vedic astrology. The list of my upcoming relationship astrology post topics is endless!!!! Watch this space!!!

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