Understanding Love Issues through the Nakshatras of Vedic Astrology by Lia Cruse

The Nakshatras are the magnificent 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology.

Each Nakshatra tells so very, very much about your personality.

Each Nakshatra says so very, very much about the way you will love.

The Nakshatras can be used for the most deep and insightful analysis of you and your love relationship.

The Nakshatras offer so many different facets of analysis and understanding, and one of these is to suggest the typical partner you will be drawn to.

And today’s post focusses on UttaraAshadha Nakshatra which is the one Nakshatra that has no ‘ideal partner’.

I’ve struggled a lot in recent years. Knowing one’s path and embodying it are very different things.

The most recent New Moon of 21st January 2023 was actually in UttarAshadha – and I am writing about Nakshatras and Love focusing on UttaraAshadha Nakshatra because this New Moon directly impacted my Natal Mars conjunct Moon in UttaraAshadha and it made me feel different.

Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra spans: 26°40′ Sagittarius to 10°00′ Capricorn (Vedic Sidereal zodiac)

Ruler: The Sun – power, vitality, strength, leadership.

Devata: Vishwadevas – The Universal Gods

Symbol: Planks of a bed – not so comfortable, but a place to rest.

Power animal/Yoni: Mongoose- viciousness, speed.

Motivation: Moksha – spiritual liberation

I keep seeing posts about my Moon’s Nakshatra and thought I’d do my own: From the perspective of someone who lives with it.

It’s true that the nakshatra of my Moon can be terrible, aggressive and cut throat. All of astrology can be terrible – Uttara Ashadha isn’t special this way. A lot of the things I find about my Moon seem to think so though.

I thought I’d describe here some things my Moon has taught me that no one else has mentioned. I am, after all, a studier of myself.

It is true that it can be very “war-like”, but war is a much fuller word that we are conditioned to only see the direct meaning of. We think of bombs and hand to hand combat. War, actually, is many moving parts and many elements working together towards an outcome.

Uttara Ashadha means, “undefeatable” and many other similar words are often used to describe it.

Some will say it seeks success and they call it, “the ultimately successful.” But Uttara Ashadha is not really seeking war or success. It can. Depending on cultural or familial conditionings.

While both of these perspectives are true in a mundane fashion, they fall short. It is in truth neither seeking success or war when conditioning is removed, and only with conditioning removed could this be perceived – But it can believe itself to be about this and I have made this mistake in my life too.

All things are evolutionary, people, astrology and nakshatras are too. It doesn’t make sense to think this is just how we are and that we never evolve ourselves!

Like each Nakshatra the ideal and the Divine purpose is that is grows to seek peace. Resolution.

Think of a very exhausted Achilles. At odds with everything and everyone and tired of being good at conflict until he has no worthy opponents left.

He just stops and asks himself why that is. He walks off the battlefield. Then he finds there’s only one way to be truly unbeatable and that is to have no war. Inner or Outer. There is only one way to be successful above all others and that is to have peace with oneself and one’s life.

Peace with oneself and one’s life!

Both of these require that a person be who they truly are without looking around for comparison with others. Without desiring for anything else.

Uttara Ashadha is a process of neutrality of the Self. An unwinding of the perceived identity one is given and a drive to uproot that which prevents the process. This is the war within that Uttara Ashadha is really fighting.

A main benefit of this Nakshatra, is that it is calculating. It is careful in its measurements. And it is quick, very very fast when it strikes.

Once it finds the way forward, it drives that home with all it has. Even if it has fallen every step it’s taken so far. It will do so even if wounded … it’s determination to arrive never wavers.

And with a Birds Eye view of the “battlefield” thanks to careful study of the land (it’s journey) and enemy (the conditioned idea of the Self) it seldom misses a target.

It may not arrive in a time the world sees as “on time.” (We don’t really care for time). It doesn’t move this way, with preconceived ideas of what must be done at specific moments. It prefers to move in alignment as it evolves.

Each motion is naturally born from the next, a product of what it has learned, consciousness and it’s very very creative nature.

It seems to understand what has prevented its successful unraveling previously and it learns how to improve with each and every step.

While the rest of the world watches, waiting, speculating, probably in dismay and confusion…Uttara Ashadha comes through in the perfect time.

What others can only perceive as sheer luck, is actually the blinding flash of the echo in the cosmos of when Uttara Ashadha has unraveled itself arriving exactly on target, exactly on time. Having had to release its ideas of what itself is entirely to do so.

My Moon, ladies and gentlemen – it’s the least understood Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology.

By the way – my Moon is in the last degree of Uttara Ashadha, so this is in what some call its own Nakshatra, called Abijiit. -But this is a controversial topic, so it is more widely considered that my Moon is simply Uttara Ashadha.

You can harness this Moon energy to bring forth your true nature into life and into projects, by taking a step back at yourself and questioning with radical honesty:

“What’s holding me back?”

”What patterns am I holding onto that aren’t working for me?”

“What am I afraid of?”

  -Uttara Ashadha is very bold. It faces it’s fears introspectively, not rejecting or embracing them but allowing them to be revealed – while knowing they are the way showers.

Don’t give up your day dream. We never quit.

This is from my Uttara Ashadha heart to yours.

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