Jungle Love Bharani Nakshatra 2 The Bull Elephant from Janell Renshaw

This is Janell Renshaw’s third post on the wonderful Nakshatras, the 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology, and one of their roles in Relationship Astrology – especially their Yonis or ‘power animals’ as a guide to love scripts assessment.

If you have yet to read Janell Renshaw’s Introduction to the 27 Nakshatra Yoni’s, you can find it here https://lovestardating.com/jungle-love-vedic-astrology-power-animals-and-relationship-compatibility/

Janell’s second post was on the first Nakshatra which is Ashwini, whose power animal is the Stallion.

This third post moves on to the second Nakshatra which is Bharani, whose power animal is the Bull Elephant.

Let’s look closer at what is meant by the word ‘Yoni’. Yoni is a word with many meanings. It does not just mean the uterus and the female reproductive organs.’ Yoni means the origin, how things have evolved, and the gradual lowering of energy from the highest source.

Yoni means, more correctly, the power of creation and the act of creation, and more specifically, Shakti, the primordial cosmic energy.

Actually, the sacred yoni itself symbolizes Bharani. So if Bharani is a key Nakshatra in your birth chart (your Moon especially, but also your Ascendant or Sun), then you exude Shakti, sensuality, and creativity, and you know it.

Bharani is a bit more refined than Ashwini because of its rulership from the goddess of love, Venus. Bharani individuals are more supportive, nourishing, and cherish the sensual side of life.

Bharani people are slow to open up and appear to be somewhat shy. Elephant Yoni individuals are peace-loving and will avoid fights, but if crossed, they will defend their territory, which also tends to make them obsessive lovers.

Sex and sensuality are their forms of being in touch with the Divine. However, practicing Yama (restraint) and Niyama (the practice of observation) to channel their sexual energies correctly – these will help them avoid falling into the pit of sexual obsessions and making unwise choices in relationships.

Bharani is entirely in Aries, with padas in Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio. Bharani will act differently in each pada, but they will all have the same underlying traits of raw refinement, sensuality, and creation.

Each Nakshatra is divided into four padas or quarters. The added traits from the four different padas in Bharani are as follows;

Leo pada will take the lead in relationships and sexual conquest.

Virgo pada debilitates the Venus qualities and these natives can become obsessive and analyze your every move.

Libra will seek more balance and harmony in relationships.

Scorpio is intense and possessive.

If this is your animal yoni, be aware of how larger than life you are!!!!

Like the Bull Elephant!!!!

Use gentleness and wisdom in your relationships and seek partners that offer you freedom but ones that are also strong enough to put their foot down and tie you up, which you would like nothing better.

While the animal yoni describes your sexual expression, this is only one part of the entire chart. The entire chart must be fully examined to get a complete relationship analysis.

While the animal yoni describes your sexual expression, this is only one part of the entire chart. The entire chart must be fully examined to get a complete relationship analysis.

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