Saturn Conjunct Venus the No. 1 Block to Love – Pt 3 Deeper Methods of Interpretation

This is part 3 of my presentation on the meaning and healing of Saturn conjunct Venus in the birth chart. It dips into the deeper and more powerful methods of interpretation that are available, and as such I can use for you when I give you a Reading.

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The first topic to mention is:

The Saturn Venus conjunction in the Houses of your birth chart quick guide:

These are just a quick presentation of ‘one size fits all’ buzz words, but they may be useful to you:

For a fuller meaning of the nature/life area meaning of each House in your birth chart, please see my Starwheel Astrology Interpretation page on this:

Saturn Venus in First House:

The first House is psychical body, sense of self, personality.

With Saturn conjunct Venus here, early years unhappy. controls others, Selfish. Might stuff things into the unconscious and the shadow thus have a lack of con­science. Frustrated. Depressed. Isolated.

Without Saturn, Venus in 1st House will express charm, love and affection.

Saturn Venus in 2nd House: Second House is family roots, value issues arising therefore, speech issues arising from that. Mouth issues.

With Venus Saturn conjunction: Wound to value from cold unhappy childhood resulting in a wound to being able to keep money or express yourself properly through speech.

Saturn Venus in 3rd House:

The third house is about siblings, communications and creativity. Short journeys.
Sexuality in terms of the physical sexual act: copulation. Venus here will want positive relationships with siblings, and be quite sexually orientated.

With Venus Saturn conjunction: Blocks and suffering from siblings, blocks to taking creative action. Communications are overly structured. Every action/expression requires extremes of effort.

Saturn Venus in 4th House:

The 4th House is about Home, Mother and roots.

When Saturn is with Venus here: Slow and blocked emotional growth, blocked expression. distressed, joyless, fearful family relationships. Karmic blocks from ancestry/family tree.

Saturn Venus in 5th House:

The 5th House is about Children, Romance, Creativity. PurvaPunya = Past Life Merit.

When Saturn is with Venus here: Block to love and romance. Delays and distance in romance, restric­tions with children issues. lack of fun.

Saturn Venus in 6th House:

The 6th House is about Health, employment, service, enemies, healing.

6th House can support health if it’s not afflicted. Venus here is good for employment. The person can find their partner in their place of employment.

When Saturn is with Venus here: Inflexible, stuck, gets into excessive microscopic detail, problems with employees, poor self-promotion. Enemies.

Note: Venus is weak in Virgo and 6th House (Maraka karaka Sthana) = a challenging place for Venus.

But 6th house is an Upachaya House, allowing you to overcome these problems over time.

Saturn Venus in 7th House:

The 7th House is the significator of a person who puts a special emphasis on being in love, passion and romance. They can find relationship, but also the special emphasis can prevent relationship because they put an extra dose of energy on the idea of passion.

But Saturn in 7th House is terrible for marriage until we heal it. It is good for commitment, but this person can commit for years to the wrong person – and they will often attract the wrong person in the first place. Controlled partnerships. Unloving sex.

Saturn Venus in 8th House:

The 8th House is about money through partnership, death and rebirth, transformation. Venus is transformed in the 8th house. Metamorphosis through sexuality. But also, gut-wrenching transformation. Relationships become more complicated. The person has to process a lot psychologically in order to make a relationship work. But the 8th House can allow the person to have a breakthrough in relationship. They will go through relationship problems, but they can work them out.

They love to have a powerful experience in relationship. They want intensity of experience.

Here Venus becomes the vehicle for a process of transformation.

Saturn conjunct Venus here creates the shy frustrated loner, but with great potential for spiritual, occult and healer growth.

Saturn Venus in 9th House:

The 9th House is about spiritual path, higher education, teachers and father.

Venus supports and promotes all of those things. Maybe the spouse is found at University or a spiritual group, or while travelling.

Saturn conjunct Venus here creates restriction, delays, bad effect from authoritarian figures in the life.

Saturn Venus in 10th House:

The 10th House is about career related to hard work.

But with Saturn conjunct Venus here, the career nature destroys chance of creativity or art. Job in an area that is servile and labouring, misfit, drops out of career or education. doesn’t build up career through lack of self-value.

Saturn Venus in 11th House:

The 11th House is the House of structured gains, also friends and community.

But with Saturn conjunct Venus here there will be trouble with children issues (Saturn is opposition 5th House of children).

Saturn Venus in 12th House:

The 12th House is where we go beyond our usual world. This can be into foreign parts, into institutions, spending money or above all Moksha or spiritual realisation. Someone with Saturn in 12th House will work in institutions or abroad.

With Saturn conjunct Venus here, they could experience a loss of liberty of expression. They could be ineffectual.

A second key interpretation topic to very briefly mention is:

Venus in Yogas in Vedic Astrology:

When the planet Venus is placed in Taurus, Libra, or Pisces and in one of the angular (Kendra) houses: 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house from ascendant then Malavya Yoga is formed.

Venus is the lord of Taurus and Libra zodiac signs and is exalted in the Pisces zodiac sign. This yoga brings: good looking, artistic, intelligent, famous, but the strength of yoga will depend upon the strength of Venus and the influences of other planets over Venus. The yoga has a very strong impact on the life.

Malavya Yoga can show huge talent coming from the past, like the little child who is a famous accomplished singer or musician.

But note that the presence of Saturn affecting this yoga will greatly reduce the Venusian manifestation.

A third key interpretation topic to very briefly mention is:

Venus in Rashi Avasthas in Vedic Astrology:

Rashi Avasthas is a wonderful Vedic system of deciphering fro our birth chart how our planets will treat each other. In order to share what the Saturn – Vensu conjunction can mean, I briefly share some buzz words so we can better understand how Saturn and Venus will treat each other.

Firstly chart analysis can reveal that we embody a situation in this incarnation where Saturn is  Shaming Venus. Saturn shaming Venus makes us choose a path that is less fulfilling and the reason for this is because at root we simply don’t feel we are DESERVING of fulfillment. Saturn – Venus creates a lack of self-respect. It fills us with shame. We do not feel worthy – and so lack of fulfillment will be bitterly and impotently felt.

Second let’s look at the situation where the Saturn Venus conjunction creates a situation of Saturn Starving Venus. Saturn causes Venus to lack the self-worth necessary to maintain a fair relationship. We will either demand more than is deserved within relationship, OR we may feel so unworthy that we keep crawling to our loved one and so may lose our own life and pay too high a price within the relationship.

Rashi Avasthas can describe two possible relationship situations for how Saturn and Venus will work together in your life (until you bring spiritual healing to the horrible situation).

Either Saturn can boost Venus and Venus can boost Saturn, in which case the relationship is a matter of appreciating that the simple things in life are the bedrock and core that makes for loving satisfying caring relationship.

But the second possibility is that Venus can work to boost and boost and boost Saturn – but Venus gets nothing in return. Saturn just takes and takes and takes from Venus – and in the wort case scenario, you can even feel like committing suicide.

A fourth key interpretation topic to very briefly mention is:

Dashas in Vedic Astrology:

The Dashas are the wonderful Predictive periods of Vedic Astrology. They unfold from birth based on the position of the Moon at the moment of birth. Each Dasha has sub-period and also sub-sub-periods.

A Venus Dasha will highlight the role of the planet Venus in the person’s life for the duration of his or her Venus dasha.

If Saturn is conjunct Venus in the person’s natal chart, this will massively make more difficult the expression of Venus – but ideally this experience could make the person more open to spiritual growth about Venus issues of love (and money, art, etc).

A fifth key interpretation topic to very briefly mention is:

Venus in the Nakshatras

The Nakshatras are a supreme expression of our emotionally based consciousness. They offer multifaceted wonders of interpretation to us for our nature and our life path, all with the purpose of raising our spiritual awareness for the maximation of the nakshatras spiritual qualities and limiting its negative expressions in our consciousness and in our behaviours and love scripts.

Venus rules three Nakshatras
Bharani (in Aries/Taurus) whose Deva ruler is Yama the God of Death. Symbol is the vagina/womb and is therefore also about birth. It has a female sexual energy quality.
PurvaPhalguni (in Leo) whose symbol is the conjugal bed, and whose energy is about creativity. Fertility.

PurvaAshadha (in Sagittarius), ruler Apas the God of water. Venus is karaka for water.

Nakshatra Padas: 

Each Nakshatra is divided for analysis purposes into four padas.Watch out especially if Venus is in your chart in a Virgo pada in one of the Nakshatras.

This will harm Venus expression greatly, because Virgo is the Debilitation sign for Venus.

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