Saturn Conjunct Venus the No. 1 Block to Love – Pt 2 Spiritual Growth opportunity:

This is part 2 of my presentation on the meaning and healing of Saturn conjunct Venus in the birth chart.

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I want to start this post about how Saturn conjunct Venus is a block to love by reviewing how, like each of the planetary energies, Saturn and Venus are divine energies.

The Planets and their energies are Faces of the Divine, with whom each of us has astrologically definable karmic scripts to grow and heal and work with.

Then I will go on to look in detail at what the Saturn – Venus conjunction does to us, and how we can heal that spiritually.


Let’s look first at Saturn. Basically, Saturn is about our Karmas in this life. Saturn’s nature is fated. We are each born with a fate and destiny and our Saturn scripts are particularly central to that. It is Saturn’s nature that learning his lessons is hard and slow – but if we can learn our karmic lesson, then we experience his ultimate gift: golden reaping (Saturn is at root an agricultural deity, as a Face of the Divine).

But it is crucial to be aware that essentially, with our blocks to perception and our fated Saturn scripts in this life, we experience blocks and sadness and fear and lack of confidence and stuckness from Saturn’s lessons.

And so we experience him as Suffering, whereas this is but due to our faulty perception of our life, our faulty inadequately spiritual state of consciousness –  and our resistance to spiritual growth in perception and the bringing in of needed change.

But the vast destiny and karmic call of these Saturn sadnesses, is for each of us to develop – with that utmost key spiritual value of compassion – deeper spiritual insight and wisdom, deeper understanding, maturity and achievement. Achievement through consistent effort and concentration. We can achieve protection and harvest.

In Vedic Astrology, each planet is understood to have a Divine Energy, to be a face of the Divine: a God.

The name for Saturn as a ‘Face of the Divine’ is Shani.

If we can handle Saturn energies in the right way, and by seeing their nature truly, we achieve protection and harvest.

When Saturn is conjunct Venus in our birth chart, this does indeed set us a huge challenge for learning the needed spiritual lesson and developing to the needed spiritual attitude and perception, doing this by working on our own and by agreed pathway forward in relationship.

See below where I talk about a couple agreeing to become almost like two snakes next to each other, who shed negative dark skin after negative dark skin, in loving sharing and acknowledgement, to rid ourselves of our negative scripts and thus arise together at the end of the shedding process ultimately as a power couple.


Now let’s look at Venus.

Basically, Venus as a Face of the Divine is beautiful and lovely, joyful and affectionate. The Venus energy is about sex and love, pleasure and beauty, dance and art and gentleness, wealth and adornment, comfort and relaxation. Venus is charisma and attraction and enthusiasm, vitality and bliss. Venus is art, healing and compassion – and creating a safe space for others. As a Face of the Divine, in Vedic Astrology, the Divine essence of Venus is the god Sukra.

Sukra’s name in Sanskrit means “brilliant light” and “heat” and is semen the male reproductive fluid. Sukra, the Divine Face of Venus, is seen as the teacher of the demons. This is because divine Venus is True Love and has the qualities that can heal, not by force but through charm and grace, spiritual quality and strength of will and attraction and care and respect – and abiding in the state of mind that makes these behaviours ever more likely on our part.

I personally find the Divine Sukra energy feels quite similar to the energy of Compassion (though in many ways it’s different as well, of course). I so love connecting with Avalokiteshvara the Tibetan Buddhist God of Universal Compassion. In my 5-year University-based File Study – an Ethnography of Spiritual Forms new to the Modern West, I loved to work with Avalokiteshvara, first making Vision Contact with him in his Pure Land, and then through Highest Yoga Tantra, going on to Arise as Avalokiteshvara and head out into the streets, not as Michael Conneely, but as Avalokiteshvara, viewing all people and the buildings not with the eyes of Michael Conneely but with the eyes of Avalokiteshvara.

By the way, Avalokiteshvara’s name in Tibetan is Chenrezig. His wonderful female equivalents are Green Tara and Quan Yin Bodhisattva andGoddess of Compassion.

When we can increasingly live in states of Compassion and Caring Love, increasingly we are changing, we are living more and more in a bliss produced by the change in our own awareness or the change coming from agreeing to work better and better in a shared way as a couple.

It feels so much more like a radiant state of being when we can enter it. It divinely transfigures the body-mind and become a power that enables us to interpret things differently – including the meaning and manifestation of our super-challenging Saturn – Venus conjunction. It is free energy. No bounds. No limits.

But, to return to the detail of Venus in our birth chart, as is obvious, we humans can, of course, express the Venus quality in a negative or dark way. This is such as using sexuality or beauty to hypnotize, enchant and deceive and allure and entrap and wallow negatively in sensual pleasures that can dissipate, drain, exhaust us – or make us narcissistic.  

We humans need to learn, as our life progresses, about the truth and the dangers of desire and attachment. And by making this spiritual growth, Venus becomes what he is at his highest in Vedic Astrology: The Preceptor of Demons.

Venus as Preceptor of Demons is embodied in the Vedic teaching that Sukra gained a Mantra from Shiva which had the power to restore the dead to life. The highest nature of Vensu is life-giving, life-restoring, so we all need to spiritually work on this.

As with all human experiences, each quality has its negative side, and these we are here to get better spiritual awareness of, and to grow spiritually. That is the central purpose of our human life.

The negative sides of the Venus energy are seeking to luxuriate in the adulation of others, to be vain, fickle, superficial and affected, to simply demand of others that they please us. For Venus pleasures can dissipate us, drain us and exhaust us. We need to learn that Venus self-indulgence can destroy us. Venus the Seducer or Seductress steals our power and achievement and even the showing of real love. Love and Truth are the key qualities for working with Venus.

It is important to note that association with Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu will in each case be challenging for Venus.

So, what we need to do, as an individual, and as a shared task in a relationship, is to Let Go of the pride and move into the heart. We need to develop a state of Compassion and Love, working as an individual or working as an agreed shared strategy in Relationship. We need to Surrender to the Higher face of Venus. This is done as a state of being – without the mind – this state of being brings lustre that mental strategy and ambition cannot.

Venus at its highest is devotion rather than just desire. Maybe Venus is easier in some ways to work with than Jupiter (the other Guru planet deity).

Venus can even be the guru for each of our planet energies – even for Ketu because Ketu is a demon – and Venus in his highest state is the guru of all demons.

But of course we are focusing on Saturn conjunct Venus, just at the moment. Saturn wants us to be physical and do our duties in the hands-on way, in the physicality of this world.

Everything to do with Saturn means we have to work at it.

And to do this we need the devotion to surrender without limitation.

Both Saturn and Venus want us to surrender. And this can be in a relationship. And there must be boundaries and free-exchange, and not one person wielding their worldly desires over the other, even if they do have good points about the work the other person needs to undertake.

Beauty dries up if we don’t have the devotion of Venus.

Love and bliss divinely transfigure the body and mind and becomes a great power. It is energy beyond limit. It allows you to interpret everything differently. It purifies the body and mind. It is free energy coming at you from all directions. When we love, it does purify!

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