This post tells you about the 5th Nakshatra Rohini whose power animal is the female snake.

The Nakshatras are the supreme and wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology. Each Nakshatra states something supreme about our emotionally-based personality – and our Love Scripts!

And each Nakshatra has a power animal or yoni which so adds to our awareness of our personality and how we will relate to the other Nakshatras and their power animals!

If you have yet to read the introduction to the 27 Nakshatra Yoni’s, you can find it here

‘I am off to conquer the world. Wait, what’s that over there? A shiny object? Oh, I must see this! Wait, did you hear that? I definitely heard something, and I must see what that is! Wasn’t I going somewhere? Oh yes, that’s right, I am off to conquer the world. I should eat something before I go.’

Repeat the above steps over and over, and you’ll get the spirit of Mrigasira!

Mrigasira is known as the “Searching Star.” It’s not so much that they are searching for something. It’s more about their fascination with EVERYTHING that pulls them down one path to the other. Someone was just kind enough to term it “searching,” and I bet it was someone with prominent planets in Mrigasira rewriting the story to suit them!

Unlike their male snake counterpart in Rohini, which is much more stable and grounded, the female snake yoni of Mrigasira is ruled by Mars and is in the air sign of the twins: Gemini rendering them flighty and on the move.

They are intelligent creatures with a penchant flair for writing and mental gymnastics which they use to get a point across. This talent causes some frustration for their partners unless they are also intellectually swift.

Mrigasira is searching for the partner of their imagination, which is usually a figment or fantasy in their mind. They constantly analyze their relationships and rewrite the story of their ideal lover, squeezing out the current lover. Once this happens, they search for the figment of their imagination, getting lost in the fascination of the day.

If you are entertaining a relationship with Mrigasira yoni, know that one moment, they are wrapped in and around you, showering you with affection, and the next, they are detached and cerebral, criticizing your every move. To be in a relationship with them, you must match your wits with theirs and set boundaries on how they treat you. Otherwise, they will walk all over you and, like a snake, will squeeze the life out of you.

Mrigasira consists of four padas in Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio. Mrigasira yoni natives will act differently in each pada, but they will all have the same underlying traits of searching, intellectual combat, or passion, living from the mind.

The added traits from each pada are as follows:

Leo pada will demand they be the center of attention

Virgo pada will enhance the critical cerebral nature

Libra pada will seek balance but possibly never make up their mind which way to go, leaving them stagnant.

Scorpio pada will be debilitated and become their own worst enemy.

If this is your yoni, release the figments of your imagination and begin searching your mind for what’s real and unreal before manifesting them in your life. Don’t choose just any partner. Choose one that intellectually stimulates your mind AND your heart. Which, by the way, needs your attention. Know that your partner doesn’t appreciate your constant criticism, which would best be used on your quest to conquer the world.

While the animal yoni describes your sexual expression, this is only one part of the chart. The entire chart must be fully examined to get a complete relationship analysis.

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