Ketu South Node transit through Libra Understand the Important Meaning

OK, so now let’s turn to the key nature of the present transit of Ketu through the Vedic sign of Libra:

I want to highlight that this is a very good period for deepening our perception of the scripts, fates and destinies in our relationship.

This is because Ketu South Node is transiting through the Vedic sign of Libra, now, and this is an energy that affects each person in the world.

See the video:

And this is also because of course, Libra (sidereal Vedic zodiac) is the key sign of Relationship.

(We have to remember of course that Ketu’s energy will not only manifest in the area of relationship. It is important to know that a key facet of Ketu’s energy is to bring about surrender to Eternity and a key driving motivating facet of his energy that we will experience is ANXIETY).

But at this time, each of us are compelled to experience the cutting energy of Ketu in the area of relationships.

Each of us is given the chance to recognize the nature of our karmic issues in relationship.

Each of us is called to be alive and awake to insights and realizations.

 Each of us is called to bring healing to our relationship scripts.

This is why I created LoveStarDating at this time: my international website for those on a spiritual journey who are seeking love:

And please see my other recent post: Becoming a Power Couple in Relationship:

Basically this post is based on a story I read by a Story Teller who works in the West of England, Martin Shaw, his book Healing the Wild Twin, who likened to people in a relationship as two snakes next to each other, shedding dark skin after dark skin, shedding our dark relationship scripts one after the other, with loving sharing and agreement so as to be stripped of negative patterns and arise as a power couple. It’s good!

I heard about it at this time (coincidence?!?) from someone who turned up on one of my Druid Forest School Sacred West of Ireland Tours.

The power of coincidence!

And another part of the ‘coincidence’ was that the Tour included the beautiful spot where the River Unshin leaves Loch Arrow which Irish Legend sees as the place where the Morrigan and The Dagda (The War Goddess and The Good God) mated before the key Battle of Moytura against the forces of Darkness, reinforcing the Power Couple (?another coincidence?) – Their mating gave the Ancient Irish: Victory in the Battle that was due to start next morning and Sovereignty over the Land.

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