Jungle Love – Ashwini Nakshatra The Stallion from Janell Renshaw

If you have yet to read Janell Renshaw’s Introduction to the 27 Nakshatra Yoni’s, you can find it here https://lovestardating.com/jungle-love-vedic-astrology-power-animals-and-relationship-compatibility/

We begin our journey into the jungle of the 27 Nakshatra Yoni’s with Ashwini, the first Nakshatra.

Nakshatra Yonis are the Power Animal for each Nakshatra.

If you have planets in Ashwini Nakshatra, the character of this Nakshatra’s Power Animal, the Stallion, will say so much about you and your love scripts: Stallions streaking across the skies of Dawn.

Whether male or female, they were born to run.

You will have to be exciting and enticing to keep them around. They tend to be aggressive, high-strung, and fussy about whom they love and will set high standards for their lovers. However, they may follow different rules than they place on their lovers.

I am inclined to think this is where the term horsing around came into play.

Ashwini is the male horse yoni and, more specifically, a stallion. A bit of arrogance is most likely at play.

Ashwini is entirely in Aries, with padas in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer.

Ashwini will act differently in each pada, but they will all have the underlying Ashwini traits of fast & furiousness on a quest for something.

The added traits from the padas:

Aries Pada: The 1st pada of Ashwini is vargottama which enhances the manifestation of planets placed in this division. They are what they are and there is no hidden agenda. If they are in the first two degrees of Aries/Ashwini, they are in the Gandanta zone begining a new cycle of soul growth and the planets can struggle trying to open the karmic knot, working with their new dilemmas. They are treading fresh grounds, making new initiatives yet frustrated and striving to unblock the Gandanta knot. Sun here becomes a very powerful, idealistic leader. These people are pioneering and creative, full of initiative with abundant energy and drive and orientated towards Healing.

Taurus pada will be set in their ways and materialistic, yet with a raw refinery and steadiness that is not exhibited in the other padas.

Gemini pada a smooth talker that could sell you swamp land or talk you right out of your pants.

Cancer pada with untamed emotions that could flare up at any moment leaving them a debilitated mess from emotions they cannot handle. One thing they will all have in common is a quest. They will always seek adventures, changes, and challenges to conquer. If they get bored, they will move pastures or lovers.

If this is your yoni, be honest about what you want from a partner. Give your partner the options upfront to accept this about you or not.

Learn to put your partner’s needs at the front of the priority list sometimes.

Also, finding a partner that will give you the freedom your soul desires will make you feel safe to run, and then you will feel like running wildly – right back to your lover after each quest.

While the animal yoni describes your sexual expression, this is only one part of the entire chart. The entire chart must be fully examined to get a complete relationship analysis.

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