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Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology

the Difference

I combine Western and Vedic Astrology to give you the fullest picture of your Life and your Love Profile.

When I give you an Astrology Reading, I do not only include the insights of Western Astrology which are described further down the page below.

To get to the heart of the matter I also always include the wonders and the utter vastness of Vedic Astrology.

All this is put clearly and accessibly to you, and you get an audio and a video recording emailed to you after the Reading.

See some really useful detail on the difference between Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology. It is set out below.

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I combine Western and Vedic Astrology to give you the fullest
picture of your Life and your Love Profile.


Western Astrology helped me personally a lot, to have my different sub-personalities crucially shown to me, how some parts of us can actually even be so different and even at odds with other parts of us – and also to be shown how the crucial effects of my deep subconscious have such unaware power over my life path decisions and my actions in love. It shows us our Jungian and Freudian emotional and shadow issues and sensitivities, their healing potentials and intuitive openings, etc.

Western astrology’s explanation of the role of the outer planets in my life is so needed: Pluto, Neptune and Uranus in my birth chart and predictively, gave me such key understanding of how issues of power would be denied and how the effect of sibling-relationships created such distortions, etc. Above all, the position of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is utterly supreme in its effect, and how in our attempts to heal our existential wound, we can become the Healer of others.

And there’s also, of course, Western Evolutionary Astrology which provides a key statement of the effect of our past lives and our ‘missed steps’, on our psychological self and our psychological expression in this life.


When I give you an Astrology Reading, I do not only include the insights of Western Astrology which are described above. To get to the heart of the matter I also include the wonders and utter vastness of Vedic Astrology. And all this is put clearly and accessibly to you.

Vedic astrology is far more ancient, and it powerfully and accurately identifies the journey of our soul. It identifies the journey we were born to undertake in this incarnation. It describes the physical and psycho-mental circumstances we will attract into our lives as fates for us to work with, to heal and transform.

Western Astrology is crucially needed also, because it defines our personality and its structure and its unfoldment and our need for awareness of it. Western Astrology also describes the role of the Outer Planets, the role of Chiron and Asteroids in our life, and much more. But the addition of Vedic Astrology is needed as well if accurate, useful and helpful assertions are to be made for you.

So, the inclusion of Vedic Astrology is a MUST. Vedic Astrology describes fates that are chosen with reference to past karmas that have accrued in previous lives. Some of these karmas are fixed (drida): there is little we can do about them: we need to experience them for a lifetime in order to make the growth we need to undertake; other of our karmas are not fixed (adrida) – these we can learn to modify or eliminate or ‘burn’.

I altered my Astrology work in 1995 to add Vedic Astrology to my Western Astrology work. This was because I had found one sentence in Vedic Astrology that said so much about my destiny in this lifetime – and the point is that Western Astrology knew nothing of it. This was the fact that my Moon is in the Gandanta zone at the very end of Vedic Pisces. My Moon is at 29 deg 56 mins of Vedic Pisces, using the Sidereal zodiac of Vedic astrology. Gandanta zones are transition points from water to fire signs, where the last drops of Water dissolve to create the Void – across which is the first flicker of Fire. Planets placed in the Gandanta zone can be very sensitive and psychic and attuned to the sacred, but they are very unsupported for material matters. Western astrology knows nothing of this, but when I read about it in Vedic Astrology, I saw that it is actually true, key and central to my life.

Many other great wisdoms unique to Vedic Astrology followed for me, and I have spent 28 years since studying it deeper and deeper, teaching it and using it centrally in all my Readings (as well as using Psychodynamic Western Astrology and Star Astrology).

The special wisdoms of Vedic Astrology are legion, I can’t list them all here, but they include to name just a very few examples:

Planets as Karakas: Karaka means ‘Indicator’. For example, the planet with Atmakaraka status tells you it is a central life task working to understand and fulfill the call of that planet. My Moon has Atmakaraka status, and that means that Mother will not be there for you so you must learn how to mother yourself. Relevant to a dating site, your planet with Darakaraka status tells you so much about the type of person you will look for, for your intimate partner.

Sade Sate is a key wisdom of Vedic Astrology. This is the seven-and-a-half year period when Saturn transits through the sign before your natal Moon, the sign of your natal Moon and the sign after your natal Moon. It is like going down into a pit which needs to be understood, but with the possibility of arising again renewed and on a more appropriate life-direction. And another related wonder offered by Vedic Astrology is its statement of how supported or unsupported you are as each of your planets transits each sign. This is crucial to Sade Sate, and it is called Ashtakavarga.

Dashas – These are a must for understanding your life. They are yet another unique feature of Vedic Astrology. They are the predictive periods of Vedic Astrology that unfold from the position of the Moon at the moment of your birth – such valuable guidance and understanding.

The Astrology of the Nodes of the Moon offers us each such a deepness: the understanding that we arrive in this life from our past life with the destiny indication shown by where Ketu South Nodes is in our chart, and that each of us is thrown across our chart as it were, to the position where Rahu North Node is and what that declares.

Another wonder I must mention is the Varga charts of Vedic Astrology. These are the Divisional charts which are derived from your Vedic birth chart, where each Varga chart says something of quite wonderful illumination and accuracy about a specific area of your life.

There are many more wonders of Vedic Astrology, too many to mention here, but I must mention the utterly key gift offered of the wonderful Nakshatras. These are the Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology: the wonderful, unique, accurate and immense declaration of the 27-Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology. The Nakshatras are such invaluable declaration of our personality, of our emotionally based consciousness. Our key Nakshatras so affect our life and our relationships. And of course, our task is to learn bout this, to understand it and to bring an increasingly spiritual perspective to our identity, personality and emotions as our life progresses. It makes an utterly huge contribution to the Astrology of Relating and Relationships.

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