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Looking for a caring expert Astrology Reading that will really help you and offer healing
possibilities as well?




Are you looking for a Reading that offers real depth analysis combined with
healing potential?

I am able to offer you this by combining the depths and wonders of Western Psychodynamic Astrology with the vastness and accuracy of Vedic Astrology. I am very caring and compassionate and  thorough. Also, I have been working as a Shamanic Healer for 28 years and I have a post-graduate degree in

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Depth readings include: Birth Chart, Year Ahead, Relationship – and any special focus in your life.

Healings include Shamanic Healings and cross referencing to the wide range of healing modalities through this website.

Michael Conneely has been working as an astrologer and healer since 1994. His expertise combines both Western and also Vedic Astrology. He has five university degrees including psychology and sociology, and Michael has also worked in a wonderful university-based five-year social anthropology field study of spiritual forms new to the modern west, focusing on Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Shamanism and Utopian Communities, mainly in Glastonbury, England.

Michael now lives in the beautiful, mystical West of Ireland with his wife, Maggie Pashley, who is also a healer offering many healing modalities worldwide.

You can contact Michael Conneely by email at: michaelconneely@gmail.com

My offer to help you find a good loving relationship


I combine Western and Vedic Astrology to give you the fullest
picture of your Life and your Love Profile.

In my readings I always combine Western with Vedic Astrology.

To find out about the difference between the two CLICK HERE.

To see some very useful videos about relationship astrology, understanding our love scripts and healing them, CLICK HERE

Healing Your Shadow

You can couple your wonderful Western plus Vedic Astrology reading with Michael Conneely with an addon Healing your Shadow session. We humans have a vast shadow side. It is our Unconscious. Inside our Shadow, our Unconscious, are held things that could not be allowed or admitted to. It was not allowed to be admitted to by our parents, teachers, priests or authority figures. It was not allowed to be admitted to by our self.

This denial is either because what’s there in our shadow is shameful or contrary to our society, OR because it contains our Power Self that can not be admitted to or allowed. It also contains crucial archetypal material and so it controls how we relate to and express the key and vast human Archetypes and how they will manifest in our consciousness, in our life.

Yet this buried material has such a powerful hold on us.

A map of the Self can be drawn. In one corner of it is our Persona is our egoic self, the person who we think is ‘me’. But see this self as just a corner of the map of You, it’s just the self visible to the ordinary world.

Yet imagine behind this Persona is, as it were, a range of mountains.

And lying invisible behind the mountain range but controlling our life, is the unconscious vastness of You: your Shadow self.

There is also buried there: your Animus (your sense of the masculine), your Anima (your sense of the feminine),your Complexes, your portion of the Primordial Fire, your buried karmas from Past Lives that are directing you although you may not know it, the call of your Destiny in this lifetime (although you may not know what it is).

And above all also hidden away there are: residues of incidents, relationships and experiences from your Past Lives that form your egoic personality, that control how you handle key issues in your personality and your life path and your relationships (although you may be unaware of what these key past life experience are, even though they so need healing).

Book a session with Michael Conneely – a session that will delve deep into your Western and also your Vedic astrology, and using immensely powerful astrological techniques, will identify your hidden Shadow Material – karmic material, past lives material: and offer Healing. Go the the Buy Your Astrology Reading section at the top of this page for Michael’s email and the sort of material to include when you email him, as well as, of course, a statement of what you feel you seek from your Shadow Work – and why. As well as vast qualifications and experience in both Western Psychodynamic and also Vedic Astrology, Michael also has post graduate degrees in psychology and sociology and has conducted a five year university-based field study of the reception of spiritual forms new to the modern West, encompassing Hinduism, Buddhism (Tibetan and Theravadan), Paganism, shamanism and Utopian Community.

This is a magnificent and very thorough offering:

The readings are held using ZOOM and you receive both audio and video recordings afterwards. The advantage of the video recordings is that you can see the charts I am referring to as I interpret your astrology.

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Astrology Reading 120 minutes: 270 Euros
Astrology Reading 90 minutes 210 Euros
Astrology reading 60 minutes: 160 Euros
Two Person Couples Relationship

Understand each person’s love scripts plus the patterns for love in the relationship, and bring healing:
Astrology Reading 120 minutes 270 Euros

How to Enroll for a Reading
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    For place of birth, use nearest big city
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