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Clear your blocks to having their best life and find your love

HI! I’M Maggie Pashley

I have been working as a therapist and facilitator for well over thirty years and my passion is to help people clear their blocks to having their best life. I can support you in finding love by helping you resolve whatever gets in your way of a good relationship.

That could be overcoming sabotage, getting out of the loop of repeating negative patterns or healing past trauma.

That could also involve building confidence and self-esteem, creating healthy boundaries and most importantly valuing yourself.

My offer to help you find a good loving relationship


Do you always seem to attract the wrong partners?

Do you feel guarded or defensive in relationships?

Numbed out to love?

Maybe you put on a false front because you’ve decided the ‘real you’ is unacceptable?

Then you probably have a Heart Wall. Most people do. And clearing it can make such a difference to how you feel about yourself, what you allow into your life and create a greater openness to love and support.

Heart Wall clearing is a part of the Emotion Code system of American chiropractor, Dr Bradley Nelson. It involves using a chart of 60 emotions to discover trapped emotions and release them. Trapped emotions are simply emotions that have overwhelmed us at some point and have not been processed normally, so that past event is still alive and affecting us today. Some of those emotions will be our own emotions, some absorbed from other people and some passed down to us from our parents and often much further back. They affect the way we view life and what is possible for us. So essentially we see the world not as it is but as we are…seeing the world through the lens of our past experiences.

Heart Wall Clearing typically takes a minimum of three sessions and can be done remotely online or in person in Co Sligo. In a session, we uncover what emotions are making up your Heart Wall and as much information as we may need about that emotion, normally just an age or a rough context is all that is required, or which ancestor the emotion came from. Then we clear it energetically using a magnet and move on to clearing the next one until we have cleared all we can for that session. Clients have reported feeling more at home in themselves, allowing 2 in more love and support, appreciating themselves for the first time, connecting to what is truly right for them, feeling more alive and trusting life and so on and on.

And I am living proof of the effectiveness of Heart Wall clearing. In 2009 I cleared my own Heart Wall after 13 years of being on my own and three months later met my husband Michael. Other responses reported by my clients are feeling more at home in themselves, allowing in more love and support, appreciating themselves for the first time, connecting to what is truly right for them, feeling more alive and trusting life.

Sessions available online or in-person in Co Sligo.

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The Heart Wall Clearing Package includes as many sessions as required to completely clear your Heart Wall.

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The Body Code, which is also part of Bradley Nelson’s work, has some additional clearings options such as removing sabotage, cutting energetic cords and releasing mental patterns which get in the way of love.


Hypnotherapy is so good at uncovering and healing limiting blocks of all kinds.

Your Unconscious Mind holds all your memories and also runs all those automatic programs, including habits. Many of those habits are very helpful, but some can be really destructive and hold you back.

If you find yourself repeating the same negative experiences or responding in an unhelpful way over and over again, that’s something that is happening at an unconscious level and all the good intentions and willpower in the world won’t change it. But speaking to your Unconscious in a hypnotherapy session definitely can.

In a hypnotherapy session I guide you to connect with that inner awareness, understand the purpose of that old programming and let your Unconscious find new choices which give you all the ‘benefits’ of that old choice and allow you to be empowered. In that way you are making new choices which work for you, not a one-size-fits-all. So many of our ‘bad choices’ in love are driven by that old unconscious programming, so why not let hypnotherapy set you free to find love again?

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Hypnotherapy is so good at uncovering and healing limiting blocks of all kinds.


Sometimes we have past life events which are influencing our choices in this one and sabotaging us in some way. In hypnosis we can go back to a past life event to bring healing into your current life. One example of this could be that you had a past life where chastity and marriage to God was considered to be the most important and viewed physical relationships as sinful and that could affect your ability to freely give and receive love this time around. In a session we would visit a past life relevant to an issue you have in this life, gain insights and healing.


Another useful hypnotic time travelling option is to go forward in time to a future time and gain clarity and insight. We can ask to visit your best future and get tips and coaching from that Future Self as to how to make that happen. If we see something in our future we are not so pleased with we can see what we need to change to create a better future and then align you with the energy of that better future. You will never see anything that is not helpful for you to see.

Cost €100

Duration : 2 hours, either online or fin person in Dromore West, Co Sligo

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