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I specialize in the union of Western Astrology with its psychological dimensions of self-understanding plus Vedic Astrology with its vast and ancient tradition centered on our incarnational life purpose and destiny. I am centrally offering this service to gay men seeking love. I has been working with astrology and astrological linked healing since 2016. Since age 6 has been learning and developing intuitive abilities including psychometry and claircognizance. My abiding focus with spiritual practice and intuitive healing methods has evolved over the course of my life and now been inspired to share the wonder, wholeness and inspiration of Astrology and Healing through this LoveStarDating website: helping many to find Love: Gay Men Astrology:
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My offer to help you find a good loving relationship


Astrological chart comparison, passion and romance, The Soul Mate, the use of the Nakshatras (the 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology) to determine Love Compatibility, what are our internal pictures of our ideal partner? What is the nature of our sexual attraction patterns? What are our abilities for attracting and staying in a relationship – and how to heal difficulties here, What are our patterns in giving and receiving love? What are our Karmas when it comes to relationships? How to bring Healing and Success in Loving Relationship.

Also crucial for study are possible relationship challenges:

Definition and Healing of our relationship baggage, our impediments to love, our emotional self-esteem issues, the effects of our parenting on our love patterns, difficulties expressing the physical nature of sex versus driven desire; fatedness, disjointed sexuality: passion v. relating, detachment and disappointment, how to heal the dangers of psychologizing criticising and obsessing about relationship.
Study of your Astrological Birth Chart and your Predictive Astrology can help you so much recognize and heal present difficult love patterns and maximise your loving nature.

The union of psychodynamic Western plus Vedic Astrology is so powerful for identifying and healing issues such as perception and balance of our Individuality Factors and Relationship Facotrs. We learn to create the needed Map of Our Self: not only the Persona that everyone sees and thinks is us, but also deeper key factors that drive us in the way we relate such as our Unconscious, our internal Archetypes, our Shadow, our internal Anima and Animus. Joining this with Vedic Astrology, it is even possible to construct the picture of our ‘Ideal partner’.

Past Life issues can be a factor in understanding your relationship, and I am glad to assit you in identifying these.

I do not at all label people, and I totally respect that people are individuals, but my past astrological and healing work has always encompassed and respected work with Gay Men, also: Nonbinary, Trans-Female, Trans-male and LGBTQIA+. My whole purpose is to bring a range of astrological knowledge and healing and intuitive services to assit you personally in finding the happiness and Love you seek.

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Shamanic Healing Offerings:

Shamanic Vision Journey to contact our Divine Love Offering

Sometimes through our life experiences, how we are raised and the relationships we see around us and expeerience, we can lose sight of the depth and fullness of the divine love each of us are born holding within and are born to share with those around us. I was certainly this way. In fact, although Venus, the planet of love, beauty and the arts is my Soul Purpose in this life, I didn’t believe in love existed at all any form. I was so cut off from the depth and beauty of the love I was born with and to share that making contact with that was nearly impossible. In my early days of reconnecting to my own internal divine love, out of desparation to connect with it, I began doing shamanic vision journeys for myself for this very reason. I found this contact to be powerful, transformational and showed me the truth of my own love nature in a way that was unforgettable in day to day life. Once we see a thing, we cannot unsee it. If you find yourself unsure, cut off, or unable to invision the fullness of your divine love nature, get in contact with me and schedule this journey.

Runic Body Healing to Release Blocks to our Embodiment of Divine Love:

Our bodies are the record keeper for our entire life. All our experiences are held within. When we address a topic on a soul level, we must also address them within our vessel as all parts mind, body and soul are unified and simultaneous. Sometimes our body holds so much of an experience that it can prevent us from fully embodying the change we are working so hard for in our lives. In a runic healing session, we first use your astrology charts to identify experiences and their holding place within the body. We look further into them with the runes, for additional guidance and clairity. Then I will make ceremonial offering, asking guidance from our ancestors and from the divine. We then use the runes offered in conbination with energy healing to assess the areas of the body holding the blocks associated. If you are a person who has been on your journey for a while and not seeing the changes you desire, this may be a good tool for your consideration. Please get in touvh with me if this speaks with you by booking a session.

Ceremonial Journey to Love Blessing:

Not all experiences of partnerships in our life are ideal for us. Many are learning experiences through which we evolve to prepare us for the partner we are most ideal for. As with any major life event, the best start is prayer, offering and ceremony. In Vedic Astrology, we can learn the type of person and realtionship we hoped for at the time of our birth and with a keen eye and an open heart, the runes can tell this story too. In this runic blessing, we take a deep look into your ideal partnership in this incarnation using the runes and your Astrology. Then we form a bindrune with guidance from the runes and after making ceremonial offering to invite the wisdom and guidance of the divine, your ancestors and those of your future partner’s. This is not a love magick ritual, it is a ceremonial blessing over your journey towards each other, and the flowering of your future relationship and is entirely worked with an absence of will and control over any person for any reason.