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My name is Kat Redwolf, that is my spirit name, and I am a shamanic practitioner, psychotherapist and visual artist. As I moved to the UK from Italy, through various studies and experiences, my eyes opened to a range of disciplines and arts, meditation, spirituality, energy work, therapy, etc.
I have been seeing people as a shamanic practitioner and psychotherapist/counsellor for many years, using what I learned to help other people to become whole, basically who they were meant to become as they started their life on this planet.

At the core of the shamanic practices is the shamanic journey, a mode of exploration that seeks advice from spiritual teachers and power animals that the practitioner interacts with to get healing and advice for the client, or the person looking help. The journey is often accompanied by a meditative state that uses a repetitive drum or rattle beat in order to bypass the ego and rational limitations to get access to an expansive mode of perception where an opening of consciousness takes place.

Often the boundaries between shamanism, the oldest spiritual path, and modern therapy become unclear and converge to reveal an exciting range of experiences that is the ground I am interested to explore with others: as you may know, traditional shamans were the ones in the role of therapist as well as healer. I offer soul retrieval, shamanic extraction, divination, ancestral healing, dream work, intuitive painting, psychotherapy, using practices that come from core shamanism, Northern spirituality and a native European shamanic path called the Path of the Pollen that is based on the feminine spiritual principle and earth-based practices

I was born in Italy, an environment that didn’t always allow me to make my life choices and affirm my priorities, therefore I studied languages to be able to travel around. I explored some European countries and decided then to move to the UK where I felt my desire to explore something I couldn’t even name yet was fully accepted and shared by many people. I lived in London for more than twenty years, trained as a Gestalt psychotherapist and did various training courses with art, as well as working in my own studio and seeing clients for therapy session. I also did my fair share of volunteering, I can charge on a sliding scale as many people do not work full time and there is a vast financial crisis in the world. I became interested in shamanism and healing and did an extensive training in shamanism with various teachers before moving to Devon. I have been seeing clients for many years using a range of healing modalities

My offer to help you find a good loving relationship


At the core of shamanic practices is the shamanic journey, a mode of exploration that seeks advice from spiritual teachers and power animals that the practitioner interacts with, to get healing and advice for the person looking for help. The shamanic journey creates a meditative state that uses a repetitive drum or rattle beat un order to bypass the ego and rational limitations, to get access to an expansive mode of perception where an opening of consciousness takes place.
Shamanism is the oldest spiritual path, and therapy converges to reveal an exciting range of experiences. That is the ground I am interested to explore with others: traditional shamans were the ones in the role of therapist as well.
As just a few examples of my Shamanic Healer modalities, I offer you soul retrieval, shamanic extraction, divination, ancestral healing, dream voices work, intuitive painting, among others, using practices that come from core shamanism.
Through studies and experiences, as I moved to the UK from Italy, my eyes opened to a range of disciplines and arts, meditation, spirituality, energy work, therapy, etc. I have been seeing people as a shamanic practitioner and psychotherapist/counsellor for many years, using what I learned to improve my life to help other people to become whole, basically who they were meant to become as they started their life on this planet.

The full list of my Shamanic Healer offering to you, to help you find Love, is as follows:

  • Soul retrieval
  • Shamanic extraction
  • Depossession healing
  • Healing through dreams
  • Healing through art
  • Dream voices work
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Psychotherapy and Counselling


What is soul retrieval and soul theft and what happens during a session?

According to the aboriginal cultures soul loss happens because of trauma, which is subjective, it could be an accident, warfare, surgery, bereavement. We tend to call it nowadays depression, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. It is a process of dissociation: the soul parts fragmented from the individual soul goes into what is called shamanically non ordinary reality outside of time, waiting to be returned. Often the soul loss was suffered ages ago and it has become like a vague sense of something that is missing but cannot be easily identified or named: if people remain in the same circumstances and continue to recreate the same situation, they become numb as a way of continuing living, but often it is too painful emotionally if they remain fully embodied.

There are soul fragments and parts coming and going all the time but, if the trouble stays, some parts will never come back willingly and you need shamanic help.

The trauma creates holes in your psychic field and you might be more vulnerable to a range of influences, your energetic holes may get filled by nasty intrusions.

In a way, addiction is part of soul loss and people reach out to fill a void, alcohol, sex and food shopping, addiction TV, shopping centre, gambling, etc.

When a shamanic practitioner performs soul retrieval, what comes back into the client is pure living essence. In the session there is often indication about why that soul part left but very often spirit speaks to us in metaphors and they may not be so clear, so what really matters is not the healing story but the return of the soul essence and the integration that follows.

What returns with the soul part are the talents and skills that were with the person before that part left. Generally, in a soul retrieval session there are two or three soul parts returning. What is important to here is to allow for the healing miracle to happen. The shamanic practitioner may give the client some homework to help in this process to integrate the soul parts.

In the aboriginal community-oriented society there was always a group inviting the client to bring back the parts and celebrating the return of the soul parts of the left but since we are not living in such a culture anymore it is so important that the client shares and celebrates with a friend, possibly preparing a favourite meal or a little feast to celebrate the return of the parts.

Another type of the soul loss is soul theft. One of the parts is held by someone else, generally by a relationship or family member, it happens often in certain families and it is a learnt behaviour. If your soul gets stolen you may steal someone else’s soul or you give freely part of your soul away.

Being unable to leave a bad relationship, co-dependency often indicates that soul theft may be present: it always involves an agreement from both parties.
Soul theft is often unintentional but not less damaging, though often it is deliberate.

Some people feel a lot during the shamanic healing, shifts of energy, others do not feel much but what counts is that you know that you got your soul parts back and they carry with them integration and healing.

Soul retrieval can be a complex process, it last about two hours and there may be a need for a follow up one hour session now and then.
I am available for a free 15 minutes telephone talk to discuss how to work together. Tel +44 7957923011 UK

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Soul Retrieval or Extraction Session

Extraction of Intrusions, Curses and negative Thought Forms

Intrusions can be different in nature and cause, creating various types of discomfort, illness, or a
complex that prevents people from living their life in a satisfactory way: they consist of malevolent
energy that has attached itself to an individual’s energetic field creating chaos, anxiety and bad
health and can in time become a full blown illness or mental complex.

What appears to the trained eye as an intrusion can range from a mild psychological problem, a
complex that prevents a person to make the life choices she or he would like to make, and a sickness
that will manifest or has manifested physically.

Shamanically speaking, there are a few causes for illnesses or feeling unwell:

  • loss of power, when a power animal leaves because of neglect, or maybe because you do not own
    your power, or have a lifestyle that is not in accordance with your personal vocation and integrity
  • soul loss, when a part of your essence leaves you because of a trauma, abuse, accident, a major life
    crisis, addiction, etc. Soul loss also includes soul theft.
  • intrusions, curses, energetic darts, negative thought forms, are often perceived as dark or
    discoloured areas due to malevolent attacks by someone, or negative energy you pick up in public
    places, hospitals, etc. These appear as different textures, colours or an object in the aura or
    energetic field of a person, and the main way to identify it is an intrusion is the feeling that it does
    not belong there.

Extraction generally follows a diagnostic journey the shamanic practitioner needs to do in order to locate the intrusions, generally the individual carries more than one.

The most important point after the shamanic practitioner performs the extraction is to refill the ‘holes’ in a person’s aura by doing some energy healing or journeying to see if there is a power animal that can come back.

Regarding curses, it is normal for some people to send curses continuously, without even realising. Beware of them and, if you feel you cannot take their energy, avoid being in their presence and take due precautions, distance has not much to say in these cases, and dare to go against the flow even if people assure you they have the best intentions towards you.

Often people curse themselves by limiting their goodness with negative energy, if you diminish yourself often enough and express doubts about your own capacities in any area of your life the effect will be cumulative. Self-cursing starts with the repetition of a negative thought form that gets more strength as it is repeated continuously either to yourself or to others, a process very common in families and often considered a ‘normal’ way of warning others.

I am available for a free 15 minutes telephone talk: Tel +44 7957 923011 UK to discuss your issues and clarify how I work.

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Healing Work with Ancestors

There are many reasons to work with ancestors: some of them might need help from you, maybe just want to be remembered or that you keep a small altar in their honour. If you contact them, this could be so revealing for you if there are areas of your life that are still unexplored: asking to inherit certain abilities from them might help you with your practice or your life.

If you feel the urge to change a dysfunctional pattern in your life or healing from a negative aspect you inherited from your family, it is appropriate to ask your ancestors. Equally, if there is something in your ancestry that it would be better not to take with you, you might give it back and let go of it. You may ask your ancestors to view your life from their point of view, it might feel really different, a shift from your usual perspective.

You can explore various lines of ancestors and see how often you incarnated in that particular line and whether there is a lesson for you to learn in this life.
A very important line of ancestry are your spiritual ancestors, they have nothing to do with your physical ones but may be around more and you may feel more attached to them than to your family.

How can you benefit from your ancestors? How can you benefit them? Is there any earthbound spirit of deceased people among them that need guidance to cross over?

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Working with Ancestors and Divination:


One of the main tasks of the shamans in ancient cultures was to perform divination: the world felt very unsafe in terms of where people could find their next meal, if their relative was going to survive an illness, or which would be the best territory to move to in order to escape the enemy tribes and live peacefully.

It is not very different nowadays, it is a world of competition, lack of community and cooperation, a time of global warming, pandemic, animals on the brink of extinction, abuse to people who cannot defend themselves, pollution and danger of every kind.

Only the nature of the questions has changed, not the sense of emergency. The word “divination” has kept its ancient root from “divine”, anything relating to God, to speak like a God, to go to the divine realm in order to bring back answers.

Truly, the ability of partly or completely merging with the divine is a human privilege, and many shamans report sensing divine love and inspirational feelings, wellbeing and being uplifted when they perform divination.

After all, asking for a better territory, which translates into a better and more convenient place to live is a very actual question and it is connected to your survival, although you do not have to go hunting.

Questions may have to do with the way you feel about the culture of the place you live in, whether you feel isolated, what perspective to do the work you were born to do, whether you can form a partnership with someone else or not, etc

Similar questions regard health, money problems, aggressive neighbours, career choices, vocational jobs or activities.

The first point to keep in mind in a divinatory process is the following: do not ask questions you do not want to hear the answer for.

Also, no outcome of any particular problem or process is completely fixed and immutable. Every-one has the power, through accumulated good Karma, divine intervention from a helper, to change apparently irreversible actions There is a lot of debate whether fate is immutable or not: thinking you have the power to change the outcome is the best working option.

Each shaman uses a different divinatory system or they may use a range of methods, depending on the individual and the type of question.
A speciality of mine is Rune Readings.

I am available for a free 15 minute conversation to discuss your issues on +44 7957923011 (UK) Please click on the one hour PayPal button that is just above this section to book your online session and email me at
to tell me you booked. I will reply offering you a date and time for our session

Healing through Art

It is known that making art is healing in itself: it is a tapping into other levels of existence, and your Subconscious and Superconscious at the same time, the spiritual part of your Self, to bring themes and issues to the light, giving them shape and colour with any medium you consider appropriate. Doing your best to represent people, places and patterns of your everyday life, and going through the feelings and stories they evoke in you is part of the artistic process. It is possible to use paint and brushes, pencils, crafts, knitting, role playing, storytelling, singing, writing, poetry, etc.

There are various ways to do that, each person is of course different and the main point is to express yourself, translate a message you receive in a dream or shamanic journey into a process of expression, represent a dream that seems to stand out or is repetitive, and more. It is such a vast field and it is based on intuitive ways to work, it is almost impossible to write down rules, except of course complete respect for the theme that wants to be expressed, confidentiality, not pushing the client beyond their limits because sometimes the issue is connected to trauma, abuse, etc.

And it depends on the client how much they want to disclose and explore, of course at any time they can say it is enough and they do not want to go any further until they have so to say digested and integrated what their artistic expression has brought to their awareness, emotions and body feeling.

Generally I look for an issue you want to work with or that presents itself spontaneously in the introductory interview and we discuss and explore it together. Or you start without any intro, letting things flow and begin writing, drawing, singing, etc. And we see what is there.

You many keep an art journal with images, drawings, off-cuts, photographs, etc. Or you may write a few paragraphs regularly if you work with writing, etc. I can only say ongoing work with art and with dreams is very helpful and healing for most people.

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Art Psychotherapy Dreams Session

Working with Dreams

As with art, dreams can be worked in many different ways. It is usual to keep a dream journal where you write down the dreams you remember as soon as you can, as they tend to be forgotten easily.

You can choose to write down the dream intention for a whole week, like: asking for an answer to a life question, what place to move to, what is the best way to change a certain pattern that stops us from making the right choices, or asking for a healing dream, dream intentions can be of various types, or you just see what dreams come spontaneously.

The way I work with dreams includes going on a guided shamanic journey to find your dream ally, in shamanic thinking dreams are an expression of Spirit, even if they seem a repetition of some everyday event but after a different manner.
There is no dream interpretation or dream symbols that are universal or cultural, no dictionary of dreams in shamanic culture

Rather, following your dream ally or allies, we travel shamanically, it will be a guided journey, to the land of the dreams where your dream ally will show you what aspect of the dream needs particular expression indicating or inspiring you to express what that element of your dream wants to tell you. I will invite you to become that element, it can be an object, a living creature or a person that
represents something to you. After exploring one or more parts of the dream, the so-called dream voices, we return to everyday reality following the dream ally.
Dream work is often full of incredible insight and alive in a way you didn’t think possible. It is also good to work with dreams by using art, drawing, role playing, etc.

I am available for a free 15 minutes phone talk to discuss our work together on +44 7057923011 (UK) Please use the PayPal link immediately above this section to book your session. Or book a series of 4 weekly sessions working with dreams. (4 hours link) Then email me on greenplanet11@rocketmail.com to tell me you booked and I will reply listing dates and times for our online session.

Psychotherapy and counselling

I am a trained in Gestalt psychotherapy, a holistic and dialogue-oriented form of therapy.
I am available for long and short term therapy with individuals and groups and offer one to one sessions in presence or online.
I work with individuals who also like to explore their issues because they are looking for inspiration and change in their life.

Both in my therapy sessions and through creativity and exploration with painting materials, my intention is to help transformation and improvement in the life of my clients.
My clients are generally individuals that feel they are going through a difficult time in life, anxiety, depression, loss, challenging choices, addiction and trauma.
Sometimes people just want to change the way they react to events and people, are looking for self improvement and a change in a relationship, maybe they are going through a breakup, or they want to change the way they react to an abusive family member.

Becoming aware of how their upbringing has an influence on their present choices is also a very common reason to look for exploration in therapy where they can exchange and trust that they can express themselves in a safe and confidential environment.
Many people feel they are not being heard or considered, have been mistreated, abused or neglected and don’t feel they belong to mainstream society, because of their different ethnic background or sexual orientation, disability and age.
I generally see clients once a week

If you want an informal talk please call me on +44 7957923011 (UK)
Please use the Art Psychotherapy Dreams PayPal link a couple  of sections up on this page to book an initial session, then email me on
greenplanet11@rocketmail.com to tell me you booked. You can also book for four sessions at a time and I will reply to you offering dates and times for our online sessions.

Power Animal Retrieval

A power animal is a wonderful source of POWER for each of us.

A power animal can give us wonderful qualities. A power animal can show us answers to our deep questions.

To find and meet your Power animal – the one that is right for you and the one that is needed by you,  we meet on-line and you take time to build a firm and compassionate relationship with your power animals and teachers: respect and integrity are essential qualities that the shaman uses at any point in his or her life.

The power that you hold at any given point in your work, as a shamanic practitioner, is lent to you by your teachers and power animals.

If a power animal goes away from you for a series of reasons, including neglect, lack of acknowledgement, etc, we are left with much less power and a series of negative life events may follow.

To enroll for a Power Animal on-line healing session with me, email me and we will fix up your online appointment. You can contact me at:


A one-hour session is £45, a two hour session is £80 (GBP)

There are many names to indicate your power animal, personal helper, guide or your totem. Some of us have a main helper and different spirits that are more inclined to help in certain tasks or answer certain types of life questions: there are no rules, each of us has a different configuration of helpers and teachers.

There are many people who have two, not one, main power animal and a series of helpers that appear, independently of the main one(s), according to the journey mission.

Different power animals can become active at different points in your life but one thing is to be firmly kept in mind.

It is known that we might also give our power away to other people, or fail to perceive our own strengths and personal gifts. Power animals cannot convince you that you have power if you refuse to own it.

Having clarified these issues as well as you can, I suggest that you embark on a journey to meet your power animal.

You can ask him/her questions about your relationship with him, why is he your power animal, what are the similarities between you two, what is it that you need to learn from him and how can you improve the relationship between you and him/her and anything else that you consider important.

I find this practice extremely useful and enlightening.

The following are examples of outcomes from a power animal journey:

Understand what connects you to your helper, which qualities you share and which abilities your helper has that you would like to learn. Why is she/he your helper? What is her/his teaching to you?

Asking a power animal or teacher for help and clarification regarding a certain issue.

Meeting your helper and asking for advice around what stops you from getting into a certain situation that appears desirable to you.

Asking your helper to inspire you in creative work such as painting, writing, weaving.

Getting advice about the most appropriate tool for healing yourself and others, or talking with plant helpers.

Regarding journey interpretation, remember that Spirit speaks in metaphors and symbols so don’t take the images and suggestions always literally. There might be various layers of meaning in a word or image. Keep in mind that time, in Non Ordinary Reality, is a whole different matter than in Ordinary reality.

Beware not to ask your helper questions that you are not ready to hear the answer!


To contact Kat Redwolf, please use this email: