Jonathan Finn

I assist you in your personal journey to seek your “Love Star”

HI! I’M Jonathan Finn

I am a Certified Hypnotist and Energy Healer based in County Galway, Ireland.

I use Clinical & Spiritual Hypnosis and Energy Healing to assist people in letting go of unwanted feelings, patterns or habits from their lives; whether these stem from the current lifetime, or from Past Lives.

Relationships are a common area where these unwanted issues can appear; oftentimes we may:

Feel unworthy of giving or receiving love

Be carrying hurts and traumas from past relationships

Feel like we’re attracting the same person again and again

Dislike our own habits or behaviours in a relationship!

There is a saying that “the greatest gift we can share with another is our own healing” and I truly believe that!

So, whatever is holding you back from your ideal relationship, I would be honoured to empower you in making those changes and living the life full of love and happiness that you deserve!

All the best, Jonathan Finn

My offer to help you find a good loving relationship

13th Octave LaHoChi

13th Octave LaHoChi is a gentle yet powerful energy healing modality that anchors a very high frequency of light energy into your physical and energetic bodies.

It facilitates gentle energetic release of cellular memory and deep healing of physical and emotional issues, limiting beliefs, blockages and traumas from both Current and Past Life experiences.

13th Octave LaHoChi opens, clears and balances the chakra system, and reweaves your energy field by repairing holes, tears and shattered areas caused by a variety of impacts such as: traumas, environmental toxins, negative affirmations and genetic tendencies.

By this balancing and opening of the chakra system as well as anchoring of high-frequency light into the physical and energetic bodies, you will notice yourself feeling much more open to, and more giving of, love in all it’s forms!

For a list of additional Session benefits, please see the following link:

Past Life Regression

Oftentimes, we unconsciously carry forward traumas, blockages, patterns and even vows from our Past Lives.

This baggage from Past Lives can accumulate and greatly affect us in many ways in our present lifetime.

A Past Life Regression (PLR) Session is a safe, insightful and highly interactive way of accessing and exploring your Past Lives in great detail.

As well as being a fascinating and unique experience; by exploring your Past Lives, you can discover the root of issues or blockages carried over to your present lifetime, learn from them and let them go!

Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis is a safe, easy and highly-effective method of clearing and releasing past hurts, traumas, blockages and more by working with your Unconscious Mind.

Clinical Hypnosis can also be used to empower you in various ways such as boosting confidence, self-love, worthiness etc.

These are all vital aspects of creating and maintaining healthy relationships; both with yourself, and with others.

By embodying these traits and letting go what no longer serves, you will be free to
move forward in life and love; free of negative limiting beliefs, patterns, traumas or emotions from the past that had been holding you back.