Claire Louise Knifton

Clearing, balancing, connecting you with and reaffirming your human right as souls longing for love


I can help you in clearing, balancing, connecting you with and reaffirming your human right and souls longing for love, relationship, abundance, purpose and wellbeing. I am passionate about facilitating moving from surviving to thriving in life, bringing in 35 years of conscious growth, awareness, skill and experience to our connection.

I hold space for you with focus and purpose, working with the healing energies of love, your ancestors, angels and life force to support you in making the changes you dream of and receiving the very best life can offer.

Clairvoyant from a young age I qualified as a psychodynamic counsellor in 1994 and continued to develop my natural healing gifts training in Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Family constellations,
mindful movement and dance and other insightful and healing modalities.

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My offer to help you find a good loving relationship


I personally found that after over 30 years of in-depth conscious work including personal therapy and many healing techniques that this was the method that moved mountains, got me out of repeated patterns, deeply empowered and supported me, thereby enabling me to receive the
abundance in life in its many forms, oh bliss!
This is radical gentle shamanic healing work which lifts and transforms inherited trauma allowing more love to flow into life and open new possibilities for the recipient. This work is beneficial to all and is particularly noted for lifting and healing intergenerational trauma and life patterns such as depression, anxiety, unresolved grief, relationships, finance, success and more.
Part of the beauty of this work is that not only does the recipient benefit, but the healing will spread into the family tree, allowing ancestors to take responsibility for and to release the original source of trauma, in turn this also frees the descendants including those who are yet to come.
A session begins by establishing the difficulties to be addressed and identifying what state you desire to experience instead.
We then progress to opening an ancestral healing energy field working together in this sacred place to identify where the root cause of the present or repeated experience lies and lifting it, we then move to connecting you with that which you desire to experience instead.
No information about your family or ancestors is necessary for this work.

Online individual and family soul healing

Cost – €135


I love working with the angels using my natural gift of clairvoyance, bringing 35 years of experience to my work to offer insight and guidance to you as you seek love and relationship or indeed in any area of your life.

An angel reading will shine a light on any entanglements or unresolved issues which are maybe preventing an easy comfortable road to meeting the love of your life and manifesting your desires.

These challenges can, if you choose, then be addressed and the love healing process begun.
We all need support in life, and it is a wonderful thing for us all to shine a light for others too.

If you have been attracted to reading about this therapeutic intervention it strongly suggests that divine timing is also at play and you are ready to lay down your past experiences in relationship and life and reach for something more rewarding and joyful.

You Want To Talk - Contact With Me

Cost – €75


Simple authentic movements to world music reconnecting us with our soul energy and with our natural senses of rhythm, spontaneity, joy and compassion, with which we reach out, connecting with others and the environment.
This is a healing and transformative experience, and returns us to the pure essence of who we are, we dance to thrive, adapt, grow and for well-being.
No prior dance experience is needed, just a willingness to move and be moved.

Book Embodied Soul movement and dance

Single class €20
4 consecutive classes €70