Dr. Elizabeth Hendricks Psychic Healer and LoveStarDating the New Worldwide Dating Site for those on a Spiritual Pathway

Welcome to the new worldwide LoveStarDating Website

The website that has been newly created to help those on spiritual pathways find love worldwide.

We are so pleased to now welcome you to the Launch of a very special new worldwide Dating website: LoveStarDating https://lovestardating.com/ 

And this blog post and video tells you about Dr Elizabeth Hendricks one of LoveStarDating’s unique features: Our Healers and Astrologers. As a very special optional extra service if you feel it would support you in your quest or in your relationship, LoveStarDating is supported by eight Healers and Astrologers (with another Healer joining the team shortly).

We offer our skilled unique services to you, if you wish to better understand your love scripts in this life, and if you wish to understand and heal your relationship patterns.

But before I introduce one of the Healers and Astrologers to you, importantly, please do note that this is a brand-new Dating site. So this means that we start from scratch with no members. Don’t be put off by this – please do join and help us grow this site. It is free to join.

The reason we are starting from scratch is because the truth is that most new dating sites start with many ‘bogus’ members. 

We do not want to do this. We turned that option down. What we want to offer is genuine. So please do not be put off by the fact that we have no members to start with.

Please register your details now.

Grow the website.

And soon thousands of people following spiritual pathways and seeking love, all can be found on this site.

OK, so, now let me go on to introduce Dr Elizabeth Hendricks as one of the wonderful Healers and Astrologers you can connect with on the site, if you feel he or she would be of help:

Dr Elizabeth Hendricks

Elizabeth Hendricks lives in Portland, Oregon, USA, and has been working as a healer since retiring from work as a licensed Clinical Psychologist. Her past hobbies include skydiving and dressage horses. She also works with the Kabbalah and Earth energies and works in animal healing.

Elizabeth offers you wonderful Psychic Readings and Healings that can greatly assist your life and in matters of love and relationship. Elizabeth has been psychic since birth. She is able to look at your energy field and see areas that are blocked.  In evaluating your field, she may notice past lives that need to be dealt with, or past traumas that are blocking your progress.

Those blockages keep you from finding the love and life you long for.  

When Elizabeth works with you, she tunes into your etheric body, which enables her to see your etheric wiring and to look at your chakras. The chakras are centers of energy which receive divine energy and route that divine energy through all parts of your body.

In evaluating your field, Elizabeth may notice past lives that need to be dealt with, or past traumas that are blocking your progress. She shows you how to change your energy to release blockages.

Liz can look at your energy field to see if it is compatible with your partner. She can also scan your physical body if you have concerns about wellness. If your energy field has blocks or tears we can work together to repair those problems.
Many of her clients are “old souls” who need clarity about why they came to this planet in the first place. Others are blocked in their relationships and need help opening up to love. She can see what is preventing you from having the life you long for, and she can empower you to make the changes you need.
Her page: https://lovestardating.com/healers/dr-elizabeth-hendricks/

So, I hope this introduction to Dr. Elizabeth Hendricks as one of our resident Healers or Astrologers may be of help.

And do go to our international website and register anyway, if you are on a spiritual pathway and seeking love: https://lovestardating.com/ 

And, to close, I want to make a special thank you to our wonderful Webmaster for designing this beautiful site: Marcin Romel of Dark Blue Design, in Ballina, Co Mayo, here in the utterly beautiful West of Ireland: