Block to Love Pt 2 Mars conjunct Saturn

This is the second post in our Astrology of Love series focusing on energies that are ‘Blocks to Love’, and it is so worthwhile hearing these definitions, developing insight and learning how to spiritually defeat their negative impacts.

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The first post in this ‘Block to Love’ series was about Saturn conjunct Venus.

These posts are offered as examples of how the combination of Western Psychodynamic and Vedic Astrology can give such wonderful life-changing, relationship-changing insight into our love nature and our relationship scripts.

And the whole point is that if we can be open to insight, then we have the opportunity to heal our negative love scripts.

Then we have the opportunity to raise our spiritual awareness of our behaviour in our relationship.

Then we have the opportunity to heal the negative sides of our nature and grow as a person.

Then we get a piece of help and insight so as to bring in the shedding of negative scripts and work together with our loved on.

Then we can become a ‘Power Couple’.

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OK, so now let’s look at the energies of Saturn conjunct Mars in a birth chart.

And of course the energies described in this post will also manifest not only if you have Saturn conjunct Mars in your birth chart. They will also manifest if your Saturn and Mars fall in other Saturn-Mars aspects as well, though with some aspect combinations we won’t feel so strongly as the conjunction. And the same is true about my first post in this series which covered Saturn conjunct Venus – it’s not just the conjunction that has the energies I described, it’s the other Saturn-Venus aspects as well.

And another important intro point to bear in mind is that Vedic Astrology (validly) treats two (or more) planets as conjunct if they are in the same sign as each other. This is valid. Obviously the closer the conjunction the more powerful it is. So this Vedic definition of the conjunction is a wider declaration than offered by Western Astrology which only identifies a ‘conjunction’ if the two planets are within a certain orb of degrees, rather than if the two planets are in the ‘same House’, as in Vedic Astrology.

OK. Basically, Mars is the Doer, the ‘Action Man’. Mars energy includes anger, accidents, sudden and unexpected events.

And: Basically, Saturn is Lord of Karma. His energy compels us to complete our unfinished karmas from past life and compels us to fulfill our karmic destiny and fate scripts in this life. If we fail Saturn’s imperative, if we are blind to his commands, then we suffer. But if we fulfill his karmic demands, then we are rewarded with Golden Reaping, for Saturn was originally an agricultural deity.

Mars is stronger in some signs than others, of course – and so is Saturn.

So, Saturn and Mars are in some ways opposite energies. If we don’t get them to work together, there’s frustration, anger, bullying and blocks or shame to sexual connection. The person becomes grudge-bearing, oppressive and nasty. They lash out and kill love. It’s harmful or destructive ego. Inhibited or destroyed vitality. Violence directed at others – or inwardly destructively directed. Destructive power. Hardness. Harshness or bitterness. Self-willedness. Obstinacy. Periods of weakness alternating with periods of ruthless advancement in life. Tests of strength. Disputes. Separations.

And of course, the suffering is caused by us, by our blindness, our stubbornness, our need to open our eyes as to our true spiritual purpose. It’s not caused by Saturn. It’d due to not being open and able to see the True Gift of Saturn.

Saturn Mars people will experience grief and miseries and others will reproach them. The person will fight. Physical desires will be met with fruitless outcomes or be blocked or shamed or they will block or shame the partner. They can say they have been bullied. They will fight and seek dominance and control. Their Mars is debilitated. They feel crushed. There will be struggles and indecision. You will snap at your loved one. Resentment will be nursed.

In Vedic Astrology, the Saturn Mars conjunction is known as Yama Yoga: the person facing or creating death-like situations. The person acting like ‘the Sergeant’ and imposing strict grueling discipline on others.

However, if the person can be helped to see the dark side and the pain caused to self and others by their Saturn Mars conjunction, then this Saturn Mars energy, when positively, expressed is endurance, powers of resistance, indefatigability, positive concentrated energy. Positively, these can be energetic people who are able to overcome the greatest difficulties. Saturn commitment and direction can productively and rewardingly harness the Mars action-man. You can be active and persevering and get a lot done. You can accomplish careful and well-executed ventures.

I want to bring in three additional factors before I complete this post.

The first is that I am coming to see healing in relationships as rather like the needed shedding of skins – more about this in a later post.

And secondly, above all, there is the need to commit to Compassion. Compassion for the Other. Compassion for the Self. Breathwork, taking time. Commitment to Universal Compassion.

And thirdly as a postscript, I want to alert you to the importance of the Fixed Star energies in your chart. This factor can have such a powerful influence on your life. If there is a ‘brutal star’ for example aspecting Mars or Saturn, this will lead to persistent negative manifestations – until perceived and healed.

So, I think you can see that an expert Astrology Reading combining both Western Psychodynamic Astrology and also the vastness of Vedic Astrology can be such a door-opener to the development of clearer insight into the nature of our love scripts, into the nature of our love relationship, and also the offering of clearer strategy for the healing of blocks to Love.  

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