What way forward is Your Inner Compass Pointing to?

Get a Pendulum Dowsing Psychic Reading from Ann Gildart. They are so wonderful and helpful. They have the clarity of Yes/No answers or being given % of probability likelihood.

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Ann Gildart does wonderful pendulum dowsing answer your question sessions. The results of a Reading from Ann Gildart are so helpful and worth having and deep food for thought.

Ann Gildart writes: So many of my clients are contacting me and telling me how they have failed to find a job, failed to find a new place to live, or failed in their marriage or relationships, and so on and so on.

She writes: I am reminded of the following quote from Thomas Edison:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

This quote has caused a number of my clients to put their lives back into perspective. 

No one said we were going to have a life without setbacks or perceived failures.

No one said we were going to have a life without doses of frustration and challenges.

Sometimes we have to realize: “It’s just not meant to be the way we want it be.”

Changing one’s mindset, one’s goals, one’s timelines, one’s perceived outcomes, one’s expectations, energies and effort – all these changes are so necessary. All of us go through ‘death and rebirth’ times in our life.’

Hearing Ann Gildart telling you the results of her pendulum dowsing as you ask her your questions can so contribute to the outcome.

The guidance is ~ “Your inner compass knows the key to your true happiness.” ~

Let Ann Gildart delve deep and connect to your Inner Compass and tell you which way it is pointing now, in answer to your questions.

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Manage Power Plays and Arguments in Relationships and Heal Them Pt 2

Welcome to the Pt 2 blog post about: Manage Power Plays and Arguments in Relationships and Heal Them.

This Part 2 post is all about how Astrology can help us Identify and Heal our Behavioral, communication and Relationship Scripts:

You can also see the Part 1 video and blog post tells you about a fraught and powerful relationship conflict and powerplay energy that is arising late May to June 2023. Issues arising May/June 2023 are actually so crucial to know about and watch out for, understand and HEAL – in doing so we can open to love, find love, and become a Power Couple.

But this Part 2 Blog Post and video widens the information given in part 1.
It discusses the general theme of relationships, arguing in relationship and also the wonders of relationship astrology.

It tells you all about the astrological energies I cover in my Readings that can tell us all about our personalities and our love scripts and destined issues that are actually so crucial to know about and understand and HEAL.

Basically, I want to mention some of the key factors in your birth chart that can so help you understand your personality scripts/characteristics and also: highlighted because of the focus of this post: your relationship scripts.

Let’s look at a few key factors within your birth chart, then after that a couple of predictive astrology factors:

Here’s the Pt. 2 video:

I would start by mentioning the Nakshatras. Get a Reading from me where I identify which Nakshatras you have Ascendant or planets in. This will tell you so very, very much about your personality and relationship scripts. When I know your Ascendant, Moon and Sun Nakshatras I can tell you so much about the nature of your personality, and how to bring spiritual perception and understanding and healing to that.
Do see another post of mine which reveals that Western Astrology says of a couple, ‘your Moons are only a degree apart and in the same sign Western tropical zodiac Aries) so you will make a wonderful couple, whereas their Vedic Astrology reveals that their Moon are actually in two different signs: the man’s Moon in last degree of Vedic Sidereal zodiac Pisces; the woman’s Moon in the first degree of Vedic Sidereal Aries, and more than that: they have the vastness of one of the three Gandanta Zones between their Moons (Gandanta Zones are the three zones of immateriality and unsupportedness known to Vedic Astrology that it is so crucial to understand):
See the video about this key issue of western astrology ‘getting it wrong’ and Vedic astrology getting it right:

And read the blog post about this issue:

Secondly, I would mention Chiron, your existential wound, awareness and healing of which can make you become the healer of others. It is so essential to know about Chiron in each of a couple’s charts. Because Vedic Astrology does not know about Chiron, Vedic Astrology can say to a man: Mars is your best planet, whereas as Western Astrology actually reveals he has Chiron conjunct his Mars and he has a script to heal of a devastatedly wounded (though in essence potentially strong) Mars!

Thirdly I would mention where Lilith is in your chart – such a ‘must know’ guide to your unconscious, to what’s stuffed down in your unconscious, in fact material there is largely directing your life, but you’re unconscious of it so can’t often work out why you do things. And Lilith is also our buried Wild Side, and we need to be in touch with our Wild Side if we are to become the fullness of who we are.

The second divisional chart of Vedic Astrology is called the D2 or Hora chart = value issues and gender issues and more.

I know of a case where a man was told from his Western Astrology that he had Lilith opposition his Venus, and Chiron conjunct his Mars. Vedic Astrology knew nothing of these two crucial facts.

BUT when the Man’s D2 chart was created, and the positions of Chiron and Lilith were added in to the Vedic charts, it was revealed that this man had four planets: Lilith and Venus, Chiron and Mars all in the same sign in his D2 Hora Chart, and in the sign ruled by Pitris deity = he has an ancestral curse to work with and heal!!!

I would most definitely also obviously  mention the Nodes of the Moon in your birth chart. These are the most central statement of your Destiny Direction in this incarnation. We each come in from Past Life where Ketu South Node is in our chart (as defined by House, Sign and planet aspects to Ketu) and as a Destiny Direction and Life Purpose, each of us is ‘thrown across the chart’ to where Rahu North Node is (always opposite): Rahu is the life qualities we need to move to in this life, but given Rahu’s driven nature we have to purify it if we are ever to get there.

I would definitely mention the wonderful Divisional Charts of Vedic Astrology, called the ‘Varga Charts’. Each Varga Chart says something totally specific and wonderful about a particular area of our life. For example: the D2 Hora Chart defines our Ancestral issues (including Ancestral curses) and our Gender Issues and value issues. The D9 Navamsha part defines our past life issues, our relationship issues in this life and our ideal Ashram (ideal way of living) in this life. The D60 chart defines the Karma we come in with in this life to work with, and the insights it gives are so needed, so eye-opening. The D30 chart defines our Creative Effort and sibling issues.

It’s so important to hear how your planets treat each other: your Rashi Avasthas. You need to know if Venus boosts and boosts your Saturn, but Saturn just trashes Venus totally in return.

Your Karakas are so important to understand. Karakas are Indicators.

Your Atmakaraka is your Soul Purpose key planet that you need to identify and get right.

Your Darakaraka shows who you are looking for in love and it is so important to know this.

Your Star energies are so very important to hear about. If a planet is conjunct a powerful star, this will massively affect the energy of that planet in your life, and how you manifest that planet’s energy. That star can be a blessing, or it can be a totally brutal resetting of the energy of your planet that this star is conjunct to.

I specialize in Western Psychodynamic Astrology. It’s crucial to combine both Vedic and also Western Astrology for the full needed declaration that you deserve. So the gems of Psychodynamic Western Astrology include the manifestation meaning of your chart aspect shapes, the location of the high points of each of the Houses in your chart, and much more. I offer you a wonderful statement of who you are in terms of are you the product of your Nature or your Nurture (the effects on you of your earliest upbringing environment).

Moving to your Predictive Astrology:

Your Vedic Predictive periods are crucial to know, including especially the start period in your life. This will say so much about what initially shaped you. And of course your current Dasha period is so important to know and understand.

Obviously you need to know and understand your present and upcoming Transits and progressed predictive periods.

Your Ashtakavarga score for each House in your chart is so important to know. It shows how protected/supported (or otherwise you are for each house in your birth chart that each planet will be transiting through.

As I said I specialize also deeply in psychodynamic western astrology. Predictive Psychodynamic western astrology has tow wonderful and accurate predictive age points: there the individuation Age Point (the unfoldment of our awareness of our psychological self) and the Nodal Age Point (the current whisper of our Soul to us from the Astral.

Obviously, as an example, I have mentioned only a few of the countless, countless gems on offer in one of my Readings.

You can get an Astrology Reading from me where I can give you the answers to all these and more – and if you wish, the Reading can of course be focused on your Relationship scripts as a person, or indeed, study of your actual Relationship charts.

I hope this ‘heads up’ as to the Astrology of Now, the nature of your relationship scripts, and also this brief resume of the wonders and gems of what I can tell you about your personality and life have all been helpful.

And I will be so glad to work with you,


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