Are Your Life and your Relationship Issues Fated? Part 1 Chiron and Lilith

Here is part 1 of an important a blog and video series which comes in six parts. It gives you fascinating and truly valid information helping you to decide to what extent your life and your relationship is Fated.

And of course it points to the crucial issue of: what can we do about this insight?

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I have kept the material simple and accessible and you will see that the combination of Western Astrology with Vedic Astrology can predict with awesome accuracy important dimensions of what our personality will be, what our Destiny and Fate direction is, what our Love Scripts are, and what actions we are likely to do in this life.

There’s a sense in Vedic Astrology that we incarnate into this life with certain karmas that we need to experience.

Our soul chooses these as the agenda for this lifetime.

The decision is based on things we got wrong last lifetime(s).

But it is also based on things we got right but will benefit from expressing further.

There’s a sense in Vedic Astrology that some of our governing karmas are ‘Fixed’ (Drida) and we can’t change them in this lifetime. We need to experience them fully.

But there’s also a sense in Vedic Astrology that some of our karmas are NOT fixed (Adrida).

We must experience those karmas. But we have the chance to deepen our perception and understanding about them.

We have the chance to raise our spiritual awareness about the issues involved. And thus we can burn those negative karmas.

The key with these not-fixed karmas is to be open to experiencing them, to be forgiving of others and ourselves, to be open to spiritual and healing experiences coming our way: visions, insights, messages – and to raise our Spiritual Awareness out of all that: so as to become more Sattvic.

I have been offering this combination for 28 years: Psychodynamic Western Astrology plus the vastness of Vedic Astrology. And incidentally, I have post-graduate degrees in both psychology and sociology, as well as having taking part in a university-based five year ethnography field study of spiritual forms new to the modern west based mainly in Glastonbury.

I am so impressed by what this combination can offer for us to understand our life in general, to understand our personality, to understand our love scripts – and also to give us greater understanding and definition of our present or future predictive life periods.

This combination is so very needed and helpful.

And the key issue is always: can we gain our needed insights vision and healings into the nature of our fated negative life-scripts? Can we find the healing we need? Can we love and forgive and step into our own true power that we were meant to achieve in this life?

As I present this information, I also want to let you know of two new related breakthroughs that I am making in this area of West/East Astrology sharing – And these are two breakthroughs are so needed and powerful.

The First Breakthrough: Bringing Chiron and Lilith into the Vedic Astrology Framework:

The first breakthrough is that I have found that new wonders of realization and healing are achieved by bringing of Chiron and Lilith over from the Western Astrology framework, and into the framework of Vedic Astrology (this is in addition, of course, to bringing the outer planets into the wonder-frameworks that are within Vedic Astrology).

Chiron and Lilith are now actually so powerful in our consciousness. And I have found that the Vedic framework allows us to explore them even deeper – quite wonderfully so as you will see when you see my upcoming videos and blog posts.

But this subject is the title of another blog post and video in their own right, which I am publishing shortly after the time as this post. Watch out for it!

Chiron is our Existential Wound, in the healing of which we can become the Healer of Others. Just for one example, I know a young man of age 27 who was rated Dyslexic at school, who has Chiron conjunct his Mercury in his birth chart and Lilith square his Mercury. But when Chiron transited opposition his Mercury-Chiron five years ago at age 22 he became a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language.

Lilith is our Shadow – what was stuffed down into you shadow earlier in your life because it was too awful or forbidden to handle? OR it was stuffed down into your shadow self/unconscious because it was such wonders about you that your family could NOT ALLOW YOU THAT!!??

And above all our Lilith Shadow contains our Wild Side, and we all need to be in (ethical and aware) contact with our Wild side if we are to be fully and really Us, and if we are to be fully and TRULY THERE in our relationship.

The Second Breakthrough: Creating LoveStarDating: A worldwide website for those on a spiritual pathway seeking Love:

These realizations, and the huge amount of work and research involved, came to me at the same time as my creation of my new international dating site for those on a spiritual pathway – LoveStarDating:

And an important additional unique feature of the LoveStarDating website is that it is actually supported by Astrologers and Healers to whom one can turn if one feels that will help and support.

I feel these two key developments are the result on the present Ketu South Node transit through Vedic Libra.

And of course the transit of Ketu through Libra activates relationship awareness issues for everyone in the world – ideally with creation of spiritual awareness and relationship healing.

There are six parts to this mini-series:

Part 1:

So this is the first part of a six-part mini-series on the subject of: Are Your Life and your Relationship Issues Fated? It introduces two breakthroughs:

The introduction of Chiron and Lilith into the interpretation structures of Vedic Astrology.

The Creation of LoveStarDating: the new worldwide website for those following a spiritual pathway who are also seeking love:

See the video:

See the blog post:

Parts 2 to 4 introduce you to three further features from the wonders of Vedic Astrology which open us to Fated dimensions of our Life and our Relationships: a brief mention of just some – just a few – of the utter gems of fate and destiny declaration and spiritual understanding that are offered by Vedic Astrology, as follows:

Part 2: The Nakshatras: The 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology that sates such gems as to the fated nature of our personality and relationships – but with opportunity and need for growth in spiritual awareness and healing to meet possible negative dimensions of this fate.

See the video:

See the Pt 2 continuation video:

See the blog post:

Part 3: The Dashas: the Predictive Periods of Vedic Astrology that do unfold in a fated way at birth and infancy and through our life – but, again, with opportunity and need for growth in spiritual awareness and healing to meet possible negative dimensions of this fate.

See the video:

See the blog post:

Part 4: Darakaraka and Atmakaraka: The Indicators of who we are seeking in love and What we are driven to, to fulfill our incarnational destiny in this incarnation – and to what extent the two coincide and are compatible, or how any divergence needs to be handled and healed.

See the video:

See the blog post:

Parts 5 and 6 introduce you to two key dimensions that have fated dimensions, utterly needed declarations from Psychodynamic Western Astrology, as follows:

Part 5 presents quite a fated feature of our personality: our sub-personalities. Some of these we may be aware of, others we may be unaware of though they are working away powerfully in our shadow self.

See the video:

See the blog post:

Part 6 is the important issue of: are we the product of our inherited nature OR are we the product of our Nurture, our earliest upbringing environment. And it may be that quite beyond our conscious control we start off in a nurture environment that is even possibly totally at odds with our nature!

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