Happy Valentines Day, my Beloveds

This Valentines Day relate with your beloved in a new energetic way with the sublime practice of Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is a deeply profound practice bonding you to the innermost part of your being, bringing you into harmony, stillness, peace, and oneness. 

Imagine you and you’re beloved sharing this experience. Letting go, genuinely sharing the true sacredness of your union. Nourish, strengthen, and renew your Sacred Union with intention and celebration.

Before Yoga Nidra or after, renew your Sacred Union with a Ceremonial Puja.

You can access the Yoga Nidra here:


You can access the Sacred Union Ceremonial Puja here: Complete the form, and within minutes your Ceremonial Puja will be in your inbox.


Many Blessing to you and your beloved as you celebrate your Sacred Union.

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